Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 18, 2009

Birthday Parties Everywhere!

Three of our four kiddos had birthday parties this weekend! Sarah had a slumber party Friday night, Harrison had a party at the Fire Station on Saturday morning and Emma Taylor went to her favorite boy, Garrett's, party on Saturday afternoon. Wheew...by the end of the weekend we were partied out! Here are a few pics of the kids dressed up and ready to party!

Here's sweet Sarah on her way to Lydia's party.

Here's Harrison climbing on the firetruck at Jon Carter's party.

Here's Emma Taylor getting ready to head to Garrett's party.
I had to post this picture because Emma Taylor probably won't wear these cute smocked clothes for much longer. I ironed and laid her clothes out for the party and she said, "Can I wear something else? Those look like baby clothes!" Since when is Emma Taylor NOT my baby!? Luckily I was able to convince her that this outfit was a great choice for the party and she wore it willingly, but I'm sure my days are numbered. Makes me sad!

Lawhon Elementary School Field Day

Emma Taylor's class had field day at school last Friday and I was there to snap some pics! Here she is with Ms. Carruth and some of her sweet Lawhon friends!

with Riley

we're so excited! with Ana Morgan

Hard to believe this is the last event of the school year...then it's off to 1st grade!

May 10, 2009

Emma Taylor's Dance Recital

Emma Taylor had her dance recital yesterday and it was great! She wore the cutest crushed velvet "Elvis" jumpsuit and danced to Burnin' Love and This Crazy Little Thing Called Love. She had an absolute blast and danced like a pro this year! I'm really not sure what she liked best....the dancing, the sequined costume and jazz shoes or the flowers after the show!

Emma Taylor has such sweet dance teachers that make it lots of fun for her and all the other girls. We love Mrs. Kari and Mrs. Jeanine and will look forward dancing with them again this fall!

May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Anna Grace!

Anna Grace turned 9 years old today! She asked for Chrissa, the American Girl Doll of the year, for her birthday. She was so excited to get Chrissa, her pet llama and some other fun stuff to go with her doll.

All the girls had to bring out their American Girl Dolls!
We celebrated her birthday at Logan's with the family earlier this week. Anna Grace loved the cupcakes, her presents and getting to stand up in her chair after dinner while the Logan's crew gave her a big birthday "YEE HAW!"

More family pictures from dinner...

Anna Grace and Memaw
Aunt Faye and Lee
Bonnie and Harold
Emma Taylor, Sarah and Candace
Hope you've had a Happy Birthday, Anna Grace! We love you!

Sweet Baby Cameron turns 2 today also! We'll be celebrating his and AG's birthdays tomorrow at Granna and Papa D's house. The party never stops!