Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 26, 2012

{ Cora Beth }

As I was uploading some Christmas pictures from another memory card, I realized I didn't get some sweet pictures posted after Cora Beth was born!

When Candace brought Cora Beth home from the hospital, the kids finally had a chance to hold her.  The girls loved holding their brand new baby cousin when she was just a few days old!

Sweet girls holding a sweet baby!  We love our Cora Beth!

December 25, 2012

{ Annual PJ Brunch }

We all look forward to PJ brunch on Christmas morning at Granna and Papa D's house every year!  This year was just as much fun as we'd hoped and the food was delicious as always!

Harrison decided this year that he didn't want to wear PJs anymore.  Boohoo!  He's too big for all that now.  He actually told Granna that he thought it should be called PJ and Clothes Brunch.  Ha!

 Here's the whole group!
 Silly picture
 Just the girls!
 Me and my man!
We had a ball as usual!  Thankful for a fun family to brunch with on Christmas morning!

{ Christmas Morning }

At 7am, these two came running into the living room to see what Santa had brought them!  They'd been sitting at the bottom of the stairs for a few minutes waiting 7am, so they could check things out!  I love the look on their faces!
 The kids got lots of LEGOs, a telescope, a microscope...
posters and games, etc.
 Emma Taylor was taking pictures of her gifts and posting them on Instagram!  :)

These two changed and got ready for PJ Brunch at Granna and Papa D's and then went back to playing!

Lee picked up the girls and then they checked to see what Santa left in their stockings!
 Anna Grace is all about One Direction this year, so you can see she got 1D stuff!  

Sarah is digging in!
 Loves her Lilly & Laura bracelets!
 More LEGO Friends!
 A small fry with glassses to match hers!

From the looks of things, I'd say Santa thought the kids were pretty good this year!  We had a wonderful Christmas morning.  We played as long as we could, then headed off to PJ brunch.  Pictures to follow!

{ Merry Christmas from All Six of Us! }

Happy Birthday to Jesus, the best gift we've ever received!  Merry Christmas, friends!

December 24, 2012

{ Christmas Eve }

The kids (obviously) love opening presents and always try to figure out what's what before they actually open them.  This year I followed my aunt Karen's lead and picked paper for each kid, and kept the paper selection to myself, so they wouldn't know who the presents belonged to!  Good idea....they didn't have a clue!  :)  The odd sized boxes I used threw them off too.  Christmas Eve morning is when they get their presents from me and Lee, so we always look forward to this time with just the six of us!

Anna Grace was thrilled with her iPad mini!
Here's Harrison with his new flat screen, but I think he was more impressed with his millionth box of LEGOs!  :)  The TV was a little more impressive once it made its way upstairs to his room!
Sarah's big present was a new laptop!
Emma Taylor was just a tad excited over her new iPhone!

Memaw, Granna and Papa D came to hang out with us for a bit and then stayed for dinner.  They even stuck around long enough to help Emma Taylor and Harrison make reindeer food to sprinkle outside.  We love that tradition!

 The more sprinkles, the easier it is for the reindeer to spot!
 We ran out of traditional Christmas colors, so the kids just ran with purple!
 All mixed up and ready to feed to the reindeer.  
(Looks like Lee and Papa D were deep in conversation!)
Sprinkling the food on the lawn, or in Harrison's case, dumping it before I can make it outside with my camera.  :)
 Emma Taylor has more of a method!
The kids got quick baths and then into their Christmas pajamas!  Oh how I love matching Christmas PJs!

Emma Taylor made a plate of cookies and a cup of milk for Santa, Harrison set it out and Knox thought it was for him!  I quickly had to grab it and set it on the mantle!  Sheesh....you have to be quick around here!  In all the commotion, I forgot to take a picture.  I promise we left cookies for Santa, so he will remember we were nice and come back next year! 

Wish the girls had been with us the whole evening, but thankfully they'll be back in the morning!  Can't wait for all of us to head to Granna and Papa D's for PJ Brunch!  YUM!

December 23, 2012

{ Precious ornaments and Summers Christmas }

We picked up the ornaments that we made with Memaw a few weeks ago.  They turned out so cute!

I thought the kids did a great job!

Cora Beth made it over just in time to get the angel Memaw painted for her.  So sweet!

Summers Family Christmas started at lunch time, so passed this precious girl around all afternoon!
Uncle Lee with his favorite niece!
 Love her sweet cheeks and her first Christmas outfit!

We had a great lunch and then opened lots of gifts.  Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures, but we had a wonderful time!  Almost the entire family was able to make it, so it was just fabulous!  

December 22, 2012

{ Harrison Christmas }

We all headed over to Granna and Papa D's house for our family Christmas celebration on the Saturday before Christmas.  The kids opened great gifts, played with their cousins and we all ate a delicious brisket for lunch!  What a great time we had!

Our little family
Ben's family
Kids with Granna and Papa D
 Opening a few presents!

Cute one of Anna Grace and Lee!

What a great day celebrating Christmas with the family!  Thanks to mom for taking pictures.  I lifted all of these from her!  :)