Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 22, 2010

Slurpin' Soup

My kids are lucky to have gourmet meals prepared for them every night.  Ha!  We all know even if I DID, they'd never eat them, so we stick with simple stuff.  Tonight was "finish the leftovers" night for me and Lee, so the kids got soup and grilled cheese which is actually their favorite!

Emma Taylor actually dances!
and gives me a big thumbs up!
And since she's happy, Harrison decides to pout!
No way could we all be happy at the same time! 

February 21, 2010

Goodbye, Couch Potatoes!

After weeks and weeks of cold we're finally enjoying some warmer temperatures this weekend!  Instead of doing this...
the kids were finally able to do this...
Don't feel sorry for Harrison because he's riding the girly scooter.  Santa brought  a scooter for him for Christmas, but for some reason he preferred this one today!

I think it's supposed to be cold again next week, so we enjoyed it while it lasted!

February 12, 2010

My Little Valentines

 Emma Taylor and Harrison were excited about their Valentine's Day parties this morning.  Hope they get lots of sweet cards and treats!

Here's the cute Valentine shirt Aunt Pat made for Emma Taylor.  It looked precious with her heart pants.  Thanks, Aunt Pat!

We sent these yummy Chocolate Dipped Cookie Pops for Emma Taylor's class to enjoy during their party.

 I got the recipe from my sweet friend, Heather.  She was right, they are easy and fun to make!  All of the kids were here when I made them, so they've been tasted tested and were given a big thumbs up!  I hope Emma Taylor's class enjoyed them too!
Harrison liked the sprinkles so much that he decided to add some to his dinner!
Chicken and Sprinkles...doesn't sound too good to me, but he liked it.  Silly boy!

February 7, 2010

This and That

We haven't been up anything in particular lately, but we always seem to be busy.  Here are a few shots of the kids and what's been keeping them occupied.

Harrison loves playing games on the computer.  His favorite sites are Nick Jr and Starfall!
Here's Anna Grace playing a game on her phone...or maybe texting her friend.
These girls are getting their Valentines ready for the party next week.
And here's Harrison putting together a puzzle.  He just got this cool new Thomas puzzle for his birthday from my sweet friend, Heather!  He loves it!
Hope everybody has a great week!