Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 26, 2014

{ Happy Memorial Day! }

I am so very grateful for those who offered the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  We can't ever thank them enough!

Our family enjoyed a little pre-Memorial Day fun at Pickwick Lake on Sunday afternoon.  Our little family was there along with Cameron and our friends, Kevin, Jennifer and Kailey.  We enjoyed gorgeous weather and relaxed at the lake.  Fabulous!

Right away, the girls wanted to hop on the jet ski with their daddy!

 Then later, Jennifer gave Anna Grace lessons so she could drive it herself.
She practiced awhile...
and then her sisters hopped on too!  They thought they were big stuff, even though they just rode in a circle around the island and we could see them the whole time.  :)
The boys were busy stacking rocks.  Maybe Harrison will decide he likes flip flops one day.  Ha!

While they were at it, I asked him to look for heart shaped rocks.  He found several!
Such a wonderful, relaxing day at the lake! 

May 23, 2014

{ Pre-Beach Pedicures }

Memaw treated us all (at least the girls!) to pedicures before our beach trip next week.  We loved it!
Cameron was with me the day we went, and Harrison was at baseball practice, so he came with us.  He brought his iPad and played a game, but then decided he wanted to soak his feet too.  He got a mini pedi too...no polish...and he loved it!
Everyone picked a different color and I meant to take a picture of all the cute beach toes.  Totally forgot, but it sure was a fun way to get ready for the beach!

{ Lemonade Stand }

The kids set up a lemonade stand this morning.  So far they've had three customers!

 One of their customers was Granna.  She was out running errands and was stopping by to drop off some end of the school year treats for the kids.
They are already making the most of their summer!  :)

May 21, 2014

{School's Out for the Summer! }

Emma Taylor and Harrison all ready to go on their last day of school.  ET had field day and Harrison had his end of the year party, so they were both excited!
Happies for their teachers.
 I was able to stop in at Harrison's party for a few minutes and snap a few pictures.
Mrs. Mims presented the kids with awards (or as H says, Rewards!) that were voted on by their classmates.  Harrison was voted "Fastest Runner," which totally thrilled him!
 Very Official.  :)
 H and his friend, Luke.
 We love Mrs. Mims!
Today was his very last day as a Primary School student.  It hit me a little harder than I expected! I know, I am crazy, but we love this school and all the sweet teachers.  He's not bothered by it though, he can't wait to get to the Elementary School in August.

No more car rider numbers necessary.

I can't believe we now have a Freshman in high school, two Middle Schoolers and a big ole 3rd grader.  Crazy!  Anyway, school's out, so let the summer fun begin!  Woohoo!

May 20, 2014

{ 40 is FUN! }

Happy 40th birthday to me!  I think 40 is going to be fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing what this decade will bring. I have to admit though, 40 just sounds weird!  :)

Harrison had a genetics checkup due in May, so I scheduled it for May 20th so I could enjoy a little time in Memphis.  Mom came with us to Memphis to help keep Emma Taylor entertained while we were at the doctor.  The doctors office is a camp theme, so cute!
Harrison got a great report and doesn't have to go back again until he's 16, which is fantastic.  Here he is in the "cabin" (exam room) reminding me that I'm 40.  Ha!
As soon as we wrapped it up at the doctor, we started the birthday fun, which simply means we headed straight to Target.  Lol!
While we were in Target, we were asked twice if they were twins. :)
We had a yummy lunch at Steak N Shake, one of my faves!

We got home late in the afternoon, Granna took the kids and Lee and I enjoyed a birthday dinner out.  Seafood lasagna at Fratesi's is always a good choice.  YUM!  It was a fabulous ending to a really fun 40th birthday!

May 18, 2014

{ Birthday Lunch! }

Mom and Dad hosted a lunch for my 40th birthday and it was lots of fun!  Our family was there along with Ben, Lori and Cameron; Candace, Ann and Cora Beth and Karen, Kaydee and Luke.  We had a fun afternoon eating BBQ and visiting.

Cameron picked up the funniest card ever.  He couldn't wait for me to get there to open it.  I don't remember exactly what the card said, but something about a "chicken butt." We both thought it was hilarious!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday.
 We ate our cupcakes and ice cream and then took a few family pictures.

 I've found out you really get spoiled when you turn 40.  So far, so good!  :)

May 17, 2014

{ Saturday with Cora Beth! }

The girls and I met Candace, Memaw and Cora Beth in Fulton this afternoon.  We had lunch, did a little shopping, played at the park and stopped for frozen yogurt.  Cora Beth kept us all entertained!

Sister loves some jewelry!

 She loves playing with Sarah.
Cora Beth loved combing Sarah's hair.  :)

We all had fun at the park.  Anna Grace posing with Little Bit!

 Memaw had fun on the seesaw, too!
Sarah cooled off in the splash pad for a minute, but Cora Beth didn't like it at all!
 Finally, we stopped for yogurt.  Yum!
 Sarah ate hers in this cool egg chair. 

What a fun afternoon with the girls!  

May 16, 2014

{ Gifted Art }

So proud of these girls for being accepted into the gifted art program at Guntown Middle School next year.  They had two art interviews before being accepted, so it's a pretty big deal for them. They are super excited!

I was the substitute teacher for the art class at the elementary school on Friday.  Since state testing is over, teachers are finished teaching.  The girls didn't have anything going on in class, so they were able to spend the day in the art room with me.  We had fun!
They crafted and created all day and LOVED the field trip to Sonic for lunch.  Ha!  Just three more days of school and these girls will officially be 6th graders.  Oh my!  :)