Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 26, 2015

{ Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? }

Emma Taylor and I did!  We woke up on Snow Day 2 and decided to get busy with a snowman.  The snow was still really pretty and the sun was shining brightly.  It was a great morning to build a snowman!

 Meet Crystal McSparkle Face!

It was really bright outside, so Emma Taylor had to trade my sunglasses for some that Crystal could wear all afternoon.

 All done!  
Loved spending the morning building a snowman with my girl!

February 25, 2015

{ Snow Day }

We've had lots of crazy winter weather predictions lately and school even let out early on both Friday and Monday and then nothing happened.  Well today was finally a different story!  School was cancelled last night and nothing happened most of the morning so I thought the winter weather was going to pass us by again.  Finally a little before noon it started snowing and it hasn't stopped yet.  The kids are in heaven!

Emma Taylor went out first.  She was wanting a photo shoot!

Knox enjoyed the snow too.  When we took these pictures we didn't realize the snow was just getting started!
By the time Harrison decided to come outside the snow had really started accumulating!

 Kevin brought Kailey over to play with the kids.
 Lots of snow!
Kailey and Emma Taylor with Chill Bill!

Jay brought Quinn over to play with Harrison, so the kids were perfectly matched for snowball fights.
 These three were supervising.
 These kids made some BIG snowballs.

 Harrison couldn't escape this picture.  Ha!

We made some snow cream and later drank hot chocolate to warm up.  It's after 5pm and it's still snowing!  School's been cancelled for tomorrow, so we are enjoying it!

February 17, 2015

{ Trophy Time }

Sarah had her last game of the season tonight.  They just had two teams playing park and rec basketball for her age group, so they played the same team every week.  The teams were tied until tonight when Sarah's team came back, from a pretty big deficit, and won it.  She was excited to get her trophy.

She also said she wasn't ready for the season to be over yet.  She's going to try out for the middle school team in 7th grade, so hopefully more basketball will be in our future!

February 15, 2015

{ Valentine's Day }

Lee was out of town, at the Turkey Convention in Nashville, so the kids and I partied with the rest of the family all day.

The girls and I  started with lunch and shopping with Memaw, Candace and Cora Beth.  Cora Beth is such fun these days!

We stopped by Kathryn's new boutique in Tupelo and then headed over to the mall.  The girls all picked out some new outfits from Memaw for Valentine's Day.

We finished up with the mall, went home and packed an overnight bag for Harrison (so he could spend the night with Cameron) and then headed to Granna and Papa D's for dinner.  We ordered pizza and had some fun Valentine's Day snacks.  We also made out own sundaes, my favorite part!


We had a great Valentine's Day.  Hope yours was full of love too!

February 13, 2015

{ Valentine's Party }

Harrison's the only one who still has a Valentine's Day party and he doesn't enjoy them nearly as much as the girls did.  :)  I was working on Friday, so he invited Granna to meet him for his party.  She was happy to join him.  He'd left his Valentine's on the table at home, so she really helped him out too!

Here are some of the pictures she took...

Waiting for Valentine's to be delivered to his (festive Black and Yellow) Valentine envelope.  :)
 Passing out drinks.
 Finally time to eat and read all the Valentine cards.

 The kids all chose their own paper and decorated their envelopes.  At least he added a heart!
Harrison and Granna both seemed to enjoy the Valentine's Day party!

February 12, 2015

{ Pre-Valentine's Day )

The kids spent some time this week getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Harrison addressed all his valentines and added some candy for each of his classmates.  His class still has a party to enjoy on Friday!

Emma Taylor doesn't have a party anymore, but she wanted to take some valentines for her friends.  We made the pretzel treats (again) and some Cupid Crunch for her to share along with some mini valentine notebooks.

 Cute Valentine nails!  

Granna printed these cute candy bar covers for their teachers too.  Hope they enjoy!

We are Valentine's Day ready!