Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 31, 2015

{ MSU Baseball Camp }

Harrison went with his dad to a sleepover baseball camp at MSU this weekend.  Harrison was pretty excited that they got to spend the night at the Palmeiro Center on campus.

Here he is at Dudy Noble!

The boys and their dads practiced baseball both Friday night and Saturday and ended the camp with  dads vs. sons baseball games.  Harrison thought it was awesome that his team was the only one who beat the dads (who had to bat without their dominant hand). 

He also loved meeting Wes Rea again.  He and Emma Taylor both met him this summer, but Harrison was too busy practicing to take a picture.  He got one this time!

So glad he'll be starting spring baseball soon!

January 19, 2015

{ Celebrating 9 - Mexican Style! }

Harrison chose to have his birthday lunch at Don Julio this year.  In addition to the six of us, Granna, Papa D, Memaw, Ben, Cameron, Candace and Cora Beth joined us.

 A bunch of Harrison boys!

Harrison really wanted his lunch at the mexican restaurant because after the waiters sing to you they smash a pie in your face.

 He didn't want the pie in his face though.  He wanted the pie in Sarah and Emma Taylor's faces!  They were good sports and loved it!

 The boys loved wearing the straw hat.  

 Sweet Cora Beth!
 Pics with Papa D.

I hope Harrison enjoyed his birthday lunch as much as we did.  Nine was a birthday well celebrated!

January 18, 2015

{ The Birthday Boy is 9! }

It's official, Harrison is 9 years old! 

Doesn't seem possible that the "baby" is already 9, but he is and he's pretty happy about it!  

We have a birthday lunch with the family planned a little later, so we'll do a little celebrating today!

He wants to have a football party with his friends when the weather warms up.  He's been dying to have the football party since last year, so we will make that happen in the spring.  Papa D told me that he had Cameron "try out" the last time they were playing together so he'd know what position Cameron should play at the party.  He's pretty serious about it.  Ha!

Happy Birthday, Harrison!  I hope 9 is the best year yet.  We love you tons!

January 14, 2015

{ Basketball Girl }

Sarah started playing basketball this month.  She's practiced a few times and had her first game last night.  She loved it and we really enjoyed watching her play.  She was a little nervous and apprehensive at first, but by the end of the game she was playing well defensively and felt much more confident.

 Sarah is number 17. Her birthday is January 7, so 1/7.
The outcome wasn't what she'd hoped, but they played well and learned a lot during the game.  I'm sure we will see these girls improve all season.  I just love that she's trying something new!
 Pics with her fans!

Can't wait until next Tuesday!

January 9, 2015

{ 12th Birthday Dinner }

Sarah and Anna Grace recovered from the flu quickly, thank goodness!  Since they were all better, we were able to celebrate Sarah's birthday last night.  She chose Chili's for her birthday dinner again this year.  Memaw, Granna and Papa D celebrated with us too.

Here she is opening her cards.  She requested money this year.  She's saving for a new MacBook Air and after tonight, has enough money to buy it!
 We ordered a couple of desserts to share.  Yum!
We loved celebrating 12 years with our girl!

January 8, 2015

{ Bottled Up Buoyancy }

Emma Taylor just completed her 6th grade science project.  It's been an ongoing process for months, so she'd finished the written assignment before Christmas.  The final part, the visual that is presented to the class, is due on Monday so we decided to wrap it up last night.  I'm not a fan of science projects, so I'm thankful she actually enjoyed it!

She made a submarine model and tested to see if the sub would go below the surface with more or less water in it.

Here she is working on the actual procedure.

So happy that project is DONE.   Wheew!

In other news, I'm ready to move to Jamaica.  For. Good.
Spring, please hurry!

UPDATE:  Emma Taylor got her grade today and she wanted me to be sure to add that she made a 100 on her project.  Yay!  So proud!  :)

January 7, 2015

{ She's 12! }

Sweet Sarah is 12 today!  Sadly, she won't be doing much celebrating today as she's had the flu since Monday.  No fun.  We will definitely have some birthday fun once she's feeling like her normal self again!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We love you lots.  :)