Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 2, 2015

{ Easter Eggs }

The kids still love dying eggs every Easter.  I hope this is a tradition they'll always enjoy.  I  boil LOTS of eggs!

Here they are getting started.
 Sarah has an interesting way of doing it...
and ended up with hands that looked like this!!
 Emma Taylor is waiting patiently.
 And Anna Grace is obviously tickled about something!

 Here are some of their favorite eggs!  
We had some monogram stickers this year, so personalized some of them.  

Harrison wanted his picture with the famous brown egg, just like Papa D used to make.  You can't really tell how brown it is in this picture, but it's not pretty!  Papa D would be so proud.
 Here's my egg!
My favorite little egg dyers!

Aren't they pretty?  Harrison tried to make the brown one look better by adding green glitter. It didn't help.  Ha!  We had a great time working on these eggs together.  So much fun!