Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 31, 2010

Halloween Week Wrap up

On Saturday we made our Trick-or-Treat rounds with the family.  We stopped by Granna and Papa D's house for some treats.  We also dropped off a treat for Granna as it was her 60th birthday!  After that we headed to Memaw's house where the kids got even more loot from her and Aunt Candace.  These are some lucky kids!

The crazy crew!
 Pretty vampire girl
 Funky 80s Diva
 Dorothy and her ruby slippers
 Spidey showing his muscles

The older girls had a Halloween party to attend, but the rest of us headed to Oxford for the football game later in the afternoon.  Unfortunately,  Auburn won, but we had fun anyway.  It's fun wearing costumes and trick-or-treating in The Grove.  Harrison got tons of attention as Spiderman, which he loved!

Tonight we went to the Fall Festival at church.  It was lots of fun!  The kids got to trunk-or-treat, play games and participate in the cake walk.  A good time was had by all!

 Emma Taylor and Garrett

This Halloween week has been super busy, but filled with so many fun activities that we just couldn't pass them up.  Taking a break now....3 weeks until Thanksgiving...wheeew!

October 30, 2010

Mini Cheerleaders

Sarah and Emma Taylor attended Mini Cheer Camp last Saturday morning and had a ball. The high school cheerleaders do this as a fund raiser.  They teach the girls a few cheers and dances and then the girls get to perform at the high school football game the next weekend.  Friday night was the big night!

Emma Taylor is the third from the left and Sarah is on the far right...
 Sarah's got the cheer down pat!
 Emma Taylor thinks Tillo the Tiger is hilarious!
 Cheering with friends is so much fun!
This girl is serious!

They cheered and danced their little hearts out.  So much fun!

October 29, 2010

More of Halloween Week...

The girls continued the week with fun dress up days.

Anna Grace wants to be a vet when she grows up, so she dressed as a vet for career day at school.
The little girls had a different theme....Smart Kids Make Smart Choices....so they were supposed to dress like nerds.  This didn't thrill me since "nerd" doesn't seem like the nicest term, but the girls had fun with it.

Our theme was "Nerds are Cool!"  If smart people are nerds then nerds are definitely cool.  It was a wild week, but these three girls had a blast!

Harrison wasn't a nerd, but looked cute in his Halloween shirt too!

One more of ET...Pat made this cute shirt for her, so I wanted to share...
So cute!  Thanks, Pat!

October 28, 2010

Halloween Week - Part 1

This week is Red Ribbon week at school, so Emma Taylor has had some spirit days to celebrate.  Tuesday the kids had to wear their favorite team outfit and yesterday the kids dressed as their favorite character....a good excuse to wear cute Halloween costumes.

Clearly a cheerleading outfit in maroon would be the "favorite" team , but we don't spend enough time in Starkville to own one of those!  Anyway, here's my cute cheerleader...such a Rebel!  :o)
Here she is dressed as Dorothy.  Emma Taylor has been a huge fan of Dorothy and all things Wizard of Oz since we saw the musical last winter with Granna. 
Lovin' the ruby slippers! 
 A big thanks to Heather and Sara Frances for letting us borrow this fun costume! 
We sent Owl Treats to share with Emma Taylor's class today. 
I got this cute idea from Amy last Halloween.  I thought they were so fun that I hopped on the Southern Living website for the instructions and whipped some up with my girl.  They're easy to make...no cooking involved...but messy and little time consuming.  They're worth the effort though, so we'll definitely make these
again soon!
Here are the little owls all ready for school this morning.  I hope Mrs. Crawford's class loves them!

October 25, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Lee made reservations for us at a really neat Bed & Breakfast in Oxford.  We loved it!

This is The 5 Twelve.  If you're looking for a different place to stay when you're in Oxford, this is a fun option.  The rooms were really nice, breakfast was great and it's just a few blocks from the square.  A great 2nd Anniversary destination.  Thanks, Lee!

October 22, 2010

More Soccer

I'm probably wearing everyone out with soccer pictures, but this is our life lately...
 Hanging with Preston and Miles
 From the sidelines...
 Attacking Coach Matt...he's so good with the boys!
 How the girls do soccer...

October 19, 2010


It's a busy fall as always, so I haven't taken the time to blog much lately.  Here are just a few pics of what our silly kids have been up to!
mini pyramid
 Harrison sneaking up on Lee...please excuse the crooked lamp shade and layer of dust on the table!
a heart for daddy
double trouble

Hope everyone is having a great week! 

October 18, 2010

Bama Game

The girls invited us to tailgate with them for the Ole Miss/Alabama game on Saturday.  The outcome wasn't so happy for the Ole Miss fans (not that Lee expected them to win), but we had fun hanging out before the game. 

I missed seeing Paige and Morgan, but was so glad to see Kaydee, Courtney, Justin and Kreg! 

October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Amy and the kids came to visit this weekend, so we thought it would be fun to take all the kids to the pumpkin patch.  We went on a hayride, walked through the corn maze (ugh!), had our faces painted, jumped in the bouncer and picked our our pumpkins.  The kids had a great time!
the whole gang

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday!

October 7, 2010

1st Soccer Game

Harrison had his first ever soccer game tonight.  I'm not sure he understood exactly what he was supposed to do, but he looked really cute in his uniform!

 Harrison and Preston
 team huddle
 in action...
These little boys were alot of fun to watch.  I think we had as much fun as they did!

World Fair

Anna Grace's Discovery class held a World Fair at her school this afternoon.  Each of the kids selected a country and decorated a storyboard to help educate the rest of their classmates.
Anna Grace chose Syria and said that the World Fair was "awesome!!"