Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 29, 2013

{ Lunch with my boy! }

Harrison has been dying for me to come and eat lunch with him at school.  I finally made it today!  

Here he is with his friend, Connor.

These two are big buds this year.  They are in Mrs. Mims class together and also have the same teacher for Tiger Time.  

I got ready to leave and Harrison volunteered a big hug in the middle of the cafeteria.  That made sitting in a loud cafeteria on a stool big enough for just one butt cheek well worth it!  :)

SEC football begins tonight.  Woohoo!  Ole Miss plays Vandy, so we're pretty excited at our house!  Hoping to start the season off with a WIN!  

August 21, 2013

{ 5th Grade Lunchtime }

Emma Taylor asked if I'd have lunch with her this week.  I was surprised!  I figured by 5th grade she'd be over having me come to lunch.  I was happy she isn't!

 She has lots of sweet girls in her class this year!

5th grade girls are silly!
Her class made these silhouettes at the beginning of the school year so their teachers could get to know them better.  The kids decorated their silhouette with things they loved.  How fun!
Love it!

August 20, 2013

{ a day at the lake and a new cousin! }

The weather has been gorgeous and unseasonably cool lately, so we decided to take the kids to the lake on Saturday.  I think the high temperature of the day was around 82.  Perfect!

 Kevin, Jennifer and Kailey came with us, so we had extra entertainment.
swimsuit twins!

The kids always like to swim, but this time they got a little braver.  They jumped off the rocks at the lake, about 10 feet into the water.  Such fun!

 Sarah went first!
 Emma Taylor
Anna Grace
Harrison jumped too, but somehow I didn't get a picture.  Good thing he doesn't read this blog, he'd be ticked!  :)
 The girls needed a snack.

The kids loved skipping rocks.
 We stopped at the waterfall to see all the people jumping off.  It's really pretty in that cove.
After awhile, our daredevil begged to jump.  She finally talked Lee into it, which meant he had to jump too.  Yikes!

Here she goes!  
She landed pretty hard on her legs and ended up with some bruises.  It scared me to death, but she was so pumped and excited about it that the pain was completely worth it! 

Here's Lee.  I was SO happy when these two were back in the boat.  Whew!
a bunch a posing girls!
We sure enjoyed our day at the lake!  


In other news, Amy and Eric welcomed Claire Elisabeth into the world this afternoon!
She weighs 9lbs 8oz and is 21 inches long.  Isn't she cute!?

Hanna, Hayden and Ethan sure think so!
They're super excited about their baby sister!  Amy and Eric are pretty excited to have their family complete too.  Amy's doing well and will be headed home on Friday.  I hope we get to meet Claire before too long!  Congrats to the Nelsons!

August 9, 2013

{ 8th and 5th graders }

These two have enjoyed getting back to school too.  Both Anna Grace and Sarah and loving their teachers, so we're all thankful!

This is Anna Grace's last year of middle school.  It's so hard to believe she starts high school next year. I hope this school year passes by slowly!
Sarah is enjoying school, too.  New friends and new teachers are making it fun!
I hope the school excitement lasts all year!  :)

August 7, 2013

{ Back to School }

The kids started back to school today.  The summer has flown by, but they seemed excited to get back in the groove.  Emma Taylor and Harrison both popped out of bed this morning with no problem and were ready to go!  Gotta love a smooth morning on the first day of school!

My 5th and 2nd graders!
 They both look sleepy!  
Here's Emma Taylor with Mrs. Whitfield.  We took this picture yesterday at open house.
Mrs. Whitfield is her homeroom teacher.  Her other teachers are Ms. Kimble and Ms. Weems.  All of her teachers seem very nice and excited about the school year!

Here's Harrison with his teacher, Mrs. Mims, and his assistant, Ms. Scales.  They were both full of energy this morning.  I love their matching Saltillo Tiger shirts!
Just a few more FDOS pics from my phone!

I hope they have a great day!  I can hardly wait to pick them up to see how the day went.  I'll have more back-to-school updates once the girls are back on Thursday!

August 4, 2013

{ Sunday with Memaw }

Memaw took us to lunch and then shopping for a back-to-school treat!  We had lunch at Chili's and then found some cute clothes to start the school year.  We were finally worn out (well at least Memaw, Candace and I were!) and stopped for some cookies and pretzels.

We are spoiled!

The kids loved spending the day with Memaw and Cora Beth too!

Three days until school starts!  We meet Harrison's teacher tomorrow and the girls can meet their teachers on Tuesday.  Oh my!

August 3, 2013

{ Luke - August 2, 2013 }

Kaydee and Justin welcomed sweet baby Luke yesterday.  Such an exciting day!
Luke Thomas Chandler
10 pounds and 21 1/4 inches of pure sweetness!
GiGi with Luke in the nursery.  
 The girls wanted a picture with Kaydee.  She looked fantastic, as always!  

Sweet family picture!
Of course his aunts were all dying to get their hands on him! Here's Courtney!
 I was so happy when it was my turn to hold him!  
We loved meeting Luke on his first day in the world.  Love that sweet boy already!