Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 31, 2011


We love Halloween at our house!  The kids couldn't wait until tonight so they could break out the costumes!
Rocker Girl
 MSU Football Player
 and finally our 80's Girl!
We stopped at a few places around town, like Memaw's house, to get some special treats!  Next we headed over to Granna and Papa D's house for dinner and to meet Ben, Lori and the boys for a trick-or-treating hayride.  

Ben set up bales of hay on dad's trailer and pulled us all over the neighborhood.  It was fantastic!  It got pretty chilly toward the end of the night, but overall we had nice weather and the kids had a ball!

They were so tired they all fell asleep on the way home!  Happy Halloween!  

happy halloween!

Hope everyone has a super Halloween.  These two are ready!

October 30, 2011


We signed Harrison up to play Upward basketball this winter.  In order to get some practice in before game time we got a new basketball goal.  Anna Grace, Sarah and Harrison took some shots this weekend!



 Anna Grace
 These two took a break to work on their Christmas lists!

Less than two months until Christmas....wheeew!

October 29, 2011

harrison's halloween party

Harrison is the last of the kids who still gets to have a Halloween party at school.  Boo!  The girls would all LOVE parties, but apparently they need to be learning while they are at school.  :0( Anyway,  I am going to soak up the last 3 years of Halloween parties with my boy!

Me and my boy with this Cheetos mouth!
 Harrison and his best friend Kaden.
 Here's the carpet where the kids sit during class.  Harrison sits on the F is for frog square!

A party with 24 kindergarteners is pretty wild, but we had lots of fun!

October 28, 2011

red ribbon week

The little 3 kids celebrated Red Ribbon week at their schools with dress up days.  The kids all love this!  Well the girls do anyway, but now that they've moved up to the Elementary School they only had 2 fun dress up days.  :(  Harrison had pajama day one day at school and couldn't figure out why in the world someone would want to wear their PJs to school.  Ha!

Rock Star Day and Red Day
Harrison LOVED the fauxhawk!

 When You Grow Up Day
We have a football player, a nurse and a teacher on our hands!

October 26, 2011

owl treats again!

We made these owl treats last year, but thought they were so much fun we'd make them for Harrison's kindergarten class this year.  Here he is in action

 Making the eyes with Oreos and Reeses Pieces
 He let me put on the candy corn noses!

 Here's the finished product!
 So much fun!

October 23, 2011

field trip to ivy green

Emma Taylor's class took a field trip to Helen Keller's birthplace in Tuscumbia, AL on Friday.  We were able to tour her house and the grounds and then headed over to Spring Park to play and eat lunch.  What a fun day!
 Helen's home
Here's Emma Taylor in front of the home that Helen later shared with Annie Sullivan.  It's right next door to Helen's family home.
We learned that Helen wasn't well behaved and in order for Annie to be able to teach her, she needed to be away from her family for awhile.  So Helen would think she'd moved away, the family loaded her up in a carriage and drove around the grounds for awhile and then dropped her off next door, just a few feet from her original house.  That way her dad could check on her, but she didn't know it.  So interesting!

The girls loved this braille book!
Brenna, Emma Taylor and Mia in Helen's parent's room.
 Helen's original bedroom in the family home
 Jacob and Emma Taylor at the water pump.  This is where Helen learned her first word, "water."
Jacob, Emma Taylor and Mia
 Mrs. Smith's class
 The kids loved playing under the magnolias!
 Next we headed to spring park.  The kids couldn't wait to ride the carousel!
Lexie, Emma Taylor, Kelsey and Mia loved the train too!
Spring Park has fun playground equipment and a lake full of ducks.  We thoroughly enjoyed our field trip to Tuscumbia!

October 21, 2011

band night

Anna Grace is doing a great job playing her flute and she's really enjoying it.  Tonight was band night for the middle school, so she was able to play with the high school band before the football game.  Anna Grace was chosen to lead her band out onto the field and did it like a pro!

She's the first one on the left in the white shirt.  I took these pictures with my phone, so I wasn't able to zoom very well.
 Proud Daddy!
We enjoyed hearing Anna Grace and the band perform Louie Louie!  Fun!

October 20, 2011

soccer boy

Harrison scored his first goal at his soccer game tonight!  He loves to run and keep up with the ball, but normally doesn't take it from someone else.  Well tonight he stopped by my chair for a minute to grab a drink and I told him if he'd steal the ball from the other team I'd give him $5.  :)  His coach called him back into the game and he immediately ran up, stole the ball and kicked it right into the goal.  Woohoo!

He was SO proud of himself...just look at that face!

All he needed was a little encouragement, right?  Scoring the goal was a big confidence booster.  We stopped by the ATM on the way home and picked up his 5 bucks!  Ha!  :)

Thanks for the great idea, Robin!  :)

holley farms field trip

Harrison's class went on their first field trip of the year to the pumpkin patch at Holley Farms.  They had a ball!
They searched for the perfect pumpkin...
 and Harrison finally found his!
 Best buddies...Kaden and Harrison

 This old truck is the entrance to...
 this really cool slide.  The kids LOVED it!
 They also had a fun playground with hay bales to jump on.
 Singing silly farm songs!
 Harrison and Kaden riding the train!

 Tire swing!
The kids also jumped in the corn pit, toured the corn maze and visited the farm animals.  It was a crazy day with the kindergarteners, but we had a fantastic time!