Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 28, 2012

{ Puddles }

Emma Taylor's duck, Puddles, has been around longer than she has.  I have pictures of Puddles sitting in a basket in her nursery before she was even born.  She and Puddles are the best of friends and never spend the night apart.  I went up to check on Emma Taylor one night and took this sweet picture of her and her first friend!
Can you see him wedged in there between her face and the pillow?  Sweet!

February 22, 2012

{ new glasses }

Anna Grace is a bit near-sighted so she needed to start wearing glasses.  She's pretty excited about it and she looks super cute!

She just got her glasses this week and is adjusting like a pro!

Doesn't she look grown up?  Love them!  :)

February 13, 2012

{ palate expander }

Emma Taylor's going to need braces and Dr. Hodges is getting her teeth prepared.  She has a crossbite, so to fix that problem she's going to wear a palate expander on her top teeth.  This will expand the palate and make her teeth line up better.

Here she is before the expander...
 Here she is after....
she had a tough time eating the first day, but could easily lick frosting!  :)  

This picture may be more than anyone wants to see, but Emma Taylor thinks it's pretty cool.    

We have to insert a key into the tiny hole in the expander and turn it once every day.  We aren't sure how long she'll have to wear it, but we'll be back at the orthodontist in a month to check the progress.  

Eating and talking has become lots easier since last Thursday! We're so proud of how she's handling it.  Such a big girl!

February 8, 2012

{ Happy Birthday to Memaw! }

Memaw had a big birthday this year and the kids, Lee, Candace and I all helped her celebrate on Sunday!

 Here's Memaw with one of her gifts!

We went to Don Julio for Mexican, which is always a favorite!  Candace is taking a cake decorating class, so she made the cupcakes.  Delicious and pretty too!

Happy Birthday, Memaw!  Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you are!

February 7, 2012

{ the birthday party...finally! }

Harrison's been waiting for this day for weeks....his 6th birthday party!  We finally celebrated his birthday on Saturday at Jump.  Jump is full of inflatables, so the kids slid and bounced all afternoon!

Clay and Harrison
Kailey and Emma Taylor
Anna Grace
Some of the crazy kids!
Birthday boy is 6!
Hope his wish comes true!
Clay, Harrison, Cameron, Will and Kaden
Time to open presents....his favorite part!

Cousins....Sarah, Emma Taylor, Anna Grace, Josh, Harrison and Cameron
Everyone had such a good time at the party, especially our birthday boy!