Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 25, 2013

{ Animal Cell Cake }

Anna Grace was able to do a fun project to get extra credit in science.  The students could make a model of an animal cell and AG chose to make a cake.

Isn't this the cutest animal cell you've ever seen?!

She made a round shaped cake and then made all the contents of the cell with candies.  For example the golgi bodes were made out of Laffy Taffy and the cell wall was made of Twizzlers.  Her classmates were pretty excited about her project since they were able to eat it in class!

So crafty and a great way to make science fun...and delicious!

September 24, 2013

{ Harrison's "body" }

Harrison has been talking about the "body" they've been making at school non-stop lately!  The kids had their bodies traced and then learned about the organs and the skeletal system.  He loved this lesson!

Today we had "Meet the Tiger Time Teacher" where we were able to go and observe their Tiger Time class (that what they call their reading/language class).  I've met Mrs. Lindsey before, but loved seeing how she works with the kids in class.  I was amazed at how quiet the room was when I walked in.  She told me she had a really great class!

The kids were finally able to take their bodies home today, so I took a quick picture of Harrison with his before I brought it home.  He told me (3 times) he wanted it hanging in his room, so it's now taped to his closet door.

I hope that thing doesn't scare me to death when I go up to check on Harrison at night.  Ha!

September 23, 2013

{ Sunday Afternoon }

We went to Granna and Papa D's for lunch on Sunday.  Granna made a great lunch...beef dip sandwiches (with her fave au jus!) and lots of other good stuff to go with it.  Ben, Lori and the boys were there too, so everyone had fun visiting.  The weather was gorgeous, so we spent most of the afternoon outside.

Papa D put a motor on his bike.  Ben loved riding it.  The little boys thought it was pretty cool too!
 All the boys played football.  Sam even played with a broken arm!

 Emma Taylor and Sarah tumbled and cheered.
 Crazy kids
Sarah tried to train Bullet.  He finally jumped through the hoop!
 And Anna Grace played catch with Papa D.  

The rest of us relaxed and watched the festivities.  Such a fun afternoon!

September 18, 2013

{ Baby Luke }

I finally had  the chance to go over to Florence to visit Kaydee and Luke this week.  I snapped this picture during his 5 minute nap.  Doesn't he look sweet?
 We spent a lot of time chatting and hanging out.  Kaydee and I caught up too!
Kaydee is such a good little momma!  Luke's having some tummy trouble, but Kaydee's had him checked out and he started some new medicine this week.  Hopefully that will have him feeling better and happier soon.  

I'd forgotten how tiring a day with a baby can be.  My baby is 7, so I'm way out of practice!  I loved  spending the day with Kaydee and her sweet chubby boy!  

September 17, 2013

{ Fun with a hose! }

I love it when the kids all play together.  These pictures make me smile!

It will be too cool for playing in the hose soon, so these four are enjoying it while they can!  Bring on fall (not winter, please not winter!) temps!

September 14, 2013

{ September Stuff }

Here are the random pictures from the first part of the month!  Busy here now that school and activities are in full swing!

I love that she doodles like I do!
 Sweet Cora Beth is crawling all over the place!
 I've learned S'mores are way better with Ritz!
 Pit stop at Daily Kream!
 They have the BEST chocolate shakes!
 Selling coupon books for her fund raiser.
Wrapped up in his fave blanket.
 Kids and their friends enjoying their Ole Miss cookies at Skybox!  YUM!
 Post doctor visit smoothie!
School fingerprints...so cool!
 Sarah's teaching daddy how to make para cord bracelets.  :)
 She loved the movie!  Louis is her fave Directioner!
 Chick-fil-a with these boys.  Granna took them to see Planes.
 Harrison was excited about State's first football game.  Sadly, none of us were excited when it was over!
 This child is still spending birthday money.  Meet Whaley!
 Cora Beth came over to play.
 Hollywood stole my sunglasses!  ha!

That's all for now....and the month's not even half way over!

We are looking forward to a weekend full of football.  State and Ole Miss have big games this weekend, so it should be fun.  I'm making all kinds of delicious and unhealthy food to enjoy during the games.  Doesn't take much to excite me.  Have a super weekend!  :)

September 13, 2013

{ Student Council Campaigns }

Now that the youngest girls are in 5th grade they have the opportunity to run for Student Council Representatives for their classes.  The girls loved making posters to hang in the hallways at school.  They also had to prepare a 3 minute speech to deliver to their class.  I as so impressed with them.  I wouldn't have ever had the courage to do something like that when I was 10, so I'm so very proud of their courage!

They spent quite a bit of last weekend making their posters.  They came up with their own slogans with the help of the internet!
Anna Grace was also a big help to her sisters!  She loves the creative part, so she was happy to help!

Sarah had one poster that said, "Free Drinks on Me" that she hung over the water fountain.  So funny!

 Keep Calm and Vote Emma Taylor
"Be a Smartie"and "I have a class full of Smarties!" were two other slogans they used.  I found giant Smarties candy that they glued to the posters.  Such a fun idea!  
 We took these pictures to add to another poster.  They each had 3 posters in all.  

 Here are their campaign stickers.  
 Here's Emma Taylor on the first morning of the campaign.  
 This was her favorite poster, complete with a glittery crown.  
Both of the girls delivered their speeches to their class this morning.  They were a little nervous, but excited.  Today was also Hat and Sunglasses day.  

Though neither of the girls were elected this time, they had a great time running for Student Council Representative.  It was a great experience and I'm super proud of them!

**Turns out Emma Taylor will be serving on Student Council this year!  I got a call from her teacher saying that the two students with the top votes in each class will serve on Student Council as President and VP of their class.  She's excited about the opportunity to work with other kids throughout 5th grade!