Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 26, 2011

preschool graduation

Harrison graduated from Pre-K tonight, so we all got together to cheer him on.  We started with a quick dinner and treats at our house and then headed over for the graduation festivities.

Me and my boy!
 With Granna and Papa D
getting ready to walk in
looking a little nervous
he's in the groove now!

The kids did a great job.  The recited they Pledge of Allegiance, sang plenty of songs and even did the Dinosaur Boogie!   Harrison will miss his teacher, Mrs. Jane, but he's already getting excited about kindergarten.  Good job, sweet boy, we're so proud of you!

May 22, 2011

five years of dance costumes

Emma Taylor started dance when she'd just turned 3.  She was almost 4 when she had her first recital.  I love seeing how she's grown throughout the years.
3 years
4 years old
5 years old
6 years old
7 years old
Hasn't she grown?

dance recital 2011

Dance recital time is always an exciting time at our house.  This year Sarah and Emma Taylor both participated in the recital for Kari's Studio.  Here they are getting ready to go! 
I just love dance recital costumes!  Aren't they cute?

Anna Grace showing her sisterly support.
We headed off to the Civic Auditorium to meet the rest of the family for the performance.  Sarah's group performed first.  Since she's in cheer, so they did a dance and some stunts.  She did awesome!
Sarah loves cheer and is a fearless tumbler!  Go girl!
Emma Taylor waiting patiently backstage.
Emma Taylor's group did two dances to Rock Around the Clock and Rockin' Robin.  I loved their poodle skirt costumes!
The recital was really entertaining and our girls did a great job.  We are so proud of them!
We took some pictures after the recital.  Here are the girls with their congratulatory flowers!  They LOVE this part!
Lee and Sarah
Emma Taylor and me
the whole family
Dance recitals are fun!  Til next year...

May 20, 2011

time to split!

Emma Taylor's class celebrated the end of the year with a Banana Split party.  Harrison had been wanting to have lunch with Emma Taylor this year so he'd know what to expect when he started kindergarten at Saltillo Primary next year.  The year got away from me ( I know, bad momma!), so I decided today was the day to let him check it out and party with the 2nd graders!  Emma Taylor's class was eating lunch in their classroom today, so we stopped at the cafeteria and picked up a piece of pizza so Harrison could join them. 

After they ate, Emma Taylor showed Harrison around her room.  She was really being sweet!  He's been to her school plenty of times, but it's always been all about Emma Taylor when we've been there.  Today she helped make it all about him and showed him what he needed to know to be ready for school in August.  He was even able to visit a few of the kindergarten classrooms, which he thought was really cool. 
Emma Taylor had a fantastic teacher this year.  We will miss Mrs. Crawford, big time!
Me and my girl!
Emma Taylor was so fortunate to have a group of sweet girls in the class!
Addi, Avery Kate, Emma Taylor
Sloane, Alexis, Madalynn, Ali Grace, Reese, LilyCate and Elliana

After pictures, it was party time.  The kids feasted on banana splits and sundaes with every topping imagineable.  Such a fun way to end the school year.  We're looking forward to a great summer!  :)

May 18, 2011

black panther

Anna Grace was a part of the chorus in her 5th grade play last night.  She's a pretty cute black panther!

Memaw brought flowers for our favorite panther!
This was Anna Grace's last performance at Saltillo Elementary.  School will be over next week and then it's off to middle school for her.  Time flies!

May 13, 2011

first bike wreck

Emma Taylor learned to ride her bike on Sunday and had her first accident last night.  Poor girl knocked out a baby tooth and ended up with some pretty nasty scratches.  Ouch!

I took her to the dentist to get everything checked out.  She looks good for now, not sure how much trauma the permanent tooth next to the one that the knocked out suffered.  Time will tell.  For now, Emma Taylor's getting some special treatment to help her feel better!  A visit from the Tooth Fairy helped too!

Granna joined us and we started with a trip to Build-a-Bear to spend her Tooth Fairy money.  She decided to make a summertime bear, complete with a bikini and sun glasses.  So cute!

After that we headed to lunch at Mt. Fuji, one of her favorites!  This girl loves sushi, edamame, miso soup and fried rice.  I do too!  Good choice, big girl! 

Hate you had a bike wreck, pretty girl, but I sure enjoyed spending the day with you!  :)

May 10, 2011

mother's day

Mother's Day was fantastic!  Mom invited us all over for a cookout, so we enjoyed spending some time together. 
So thankful for these two!
I think they're pretty thankful for their sweet Granna too! 
Lee and his mom
I wish we'd gotten more pictures, but there was alot of activity going on.  Emma Taylor, Harrison and Cameron played like crazy.  Ann and Candace joined us too so we all had lots to talk about. 

I'm so thankful for my mom, mother-in-law and that I also get to be a mom.  The best job ever!

May 8, 2011

look mommy...no training wheels!

Big girl decided today was the day to ditch the training wheels!

Papa D took them off since we were over at his house for Mother's Day.  He aired up her tires and she was good to go.  She started off a little wobbly and even crashed into the fence across the street (no worries, she wasn't hurt!), but this is Emma Taylor after just a little practice!
Way to go, girl!  So proud of you!

Harrison decided he wanted in on the action, too.  After hanging out with Cameron all afternoon and watching him ride his bike, Harrison got serious about wanting to ride a bike too.  He has scooters and big wheels, but no bike, so we stopped and picked up one for him on the way home.   
Look at that concentration!  Big boy is finally getting the hang of it!  My babies are getting big!

May 7, 2011

pie in the face!

Anna Grace decided she wanted to have her birthday dinner at Las Margaritas because they sing Happy Birthday and then toss a cream pie into the birthday girl's face.  She got her wish!
 She hugged her sisters and they got a little of the whipped cream in their faces too. 
They all thought it was hilarious!  We'd taken the kids to the Gum Tree Festival earlier in the day, where the little ones had their faces painted.  Our butterfly and kitty loved the party!
We had a pretty full house....14 of us meeting to celebrate with our favorite 11 year old!
 Pretty girls!
 More pretty girls!
 Memaw and the butterfly!
Anna Grace requested a Chamilia bracelet for her birthday, so she got the pretty bracelet and lots of charms to go with it.  So pretty!  I think she was pleased!

More celebrations to follow tomorrow....it's Mother's Day!