Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 26, 2014

{ Disney - Day 5 }

Today was our last day at Disney, so we split our time between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  The crowds were really heavy on our last day, so it was difficult to get around the parks quickly.  We made the most of it and worked in as many rides (especially those we'd missed the first time around) as we could.

We started with breakfast at Main Street Bakery.

The girls loved having Starbucks for breakfast along with their pastries.  

 We headed over to Pirates of Caribbean.  We were so happy, since it was closed on our first day.

 They love the Pirates gift shop...full of hooks and swords.
 Next Peter Pan's Flight.  I think this was the longest wait we had all week.  It took about an hour.

After we rode Peter Pan, we got to meet Peter Pan.  He's Anna Grace's favorite character and she was dying for a picture with him, so it worked out perfectly.  She even took a selfie with him.

 Peter Pan was a really fun and interactive character.  The girls all loved him!

One more Cinderella's Castle shot!
 And we said goodbye to Magic Kingdom.

Our very last stop was Tusker House for a late lunch/early dinner.  This was the only character meal we did this time.  Since the kids are older, I wasn't sure they'd be impressed, but they all loved it!  Tusker House was another African Buffet.
The kids played African Trivia while we waited for our table.  The loved seeing a porcupine quill and ostrich eggs.
 When it was time to head inside, we met Daisy first.
 Mickey, our favorite!

We had a fantastic time at Disney.  The kids loved it and could ride everything the parks had to offer since they are so much bigger than our last trip.  It was a wonderful trip, but by the end of the this meal, we were definitely ready to head home.  :)

{ Disney - Day 4 }

Today we started at Animal Kingdom since we weren't there for very long yesterday.

Here are the kids in front of the tree of life.  They're making changes/additions to the park, so we couldn't get up close like usual.
We had a Fast Pass scheduled for the Lion King show, so we watched that first.  It's such a great show!

 Next we headed over to catch the bus for Kilimanjaro Safaris

 Next up, Dinosaur!  This was a new ride for us and we all loved it!

 Harrison and Sarah decided to get their hats today.  They chose Pluto...
 and Minnie Princess hats.  So cute!
 We all rode Expedition Everest again.  It never gets old!

 Relaxing at the All Star Sports Food Court while we wait for our laundry to wash.  The weather was warmer that I anticipated (yay!) so we had to wash our shorts and short sleeves!
 Anna Grace loved the big A in All Star sign.
 Sarah wanted her picture taken with the S too!
 No collegiate style E, so Emma Taylor settled for the E in Disney.  :)
After resting a bit, we headed over to Epcot for dinner at Coral Reef.  This is Lee's favorite meal at Disney, so he requested it again this trip.  It did not disappoint!

The girls waiting for our table.
Lee and his fave niece!
They split us up, so the kids had their own table right next to us.  They loved it!  Cora Beth wouldn't even sit with us.  She loves being with the big kids!
 Such a big girl!

 After dinner, AG and H stopped for a spot of tea in England.

Memaw decided she wanted silhouettes done of the grand kids as her souvenir.  All of the kids sat patiently for the French artist.  She was fantastic!

 The girls were feeling the Parisian spirit and decided they wanted crepes for another dessert.  YUM!
The last thing we did was ride Mission Space.  Our crew was a little delirious by now.  Ha!

 Headed back to the hotel with these four wild children.
 What a day.  Did I mention that we're tired!?  ;)