Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 24, 2010

She's 7!

Here's my sweet birthday girl.  Happy birthday, Emma Taylor!
I hope you have a birthday as special as you are.  I love you so much!

June 22, 2010

The Arty Party

Emma Taylor decided she wanted to have her birthday party at The Main ARTery this year, which was great fun!  She decided the girls would paint peace signs and with a little instruction they all created masterpieces!

the girls at work!
the masterpieces
time for cake and ice cream!
Harrison and Cameron...the cutest little party crashers!
Emma Taylor received lots of fun presents, but I think her favorite part of the party was spending time with her friends.  These sweet girls made Emma Taylor's party extra special!

June 21, 2010

She liked it! :)

Emma Taylor said she wanted an iPod Touch for her birthday...and I think she really did!
It's loaded with all her favorite songs and games, so she's a happy girl! 

She opened her present from us and then it was off to her party for more fun with her friends...can't believe we're celebrating 7 years! 

June 20, 2010

Speed Racers

Anna Grace and Harrison had a great time riding go-carts while we were on vacation.  Lee took some video...pretty entertaining!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there.  I was able to celebrate with two of the best....my dad and Lee!

June 15, 2010

Out and About in Orange Beach

Lee let the kids bury him in the sand.  They loved it and I think he did too....kinda cool under all that sand! 

Once Harrison saw how much fun it was, he let the girls bury him too!

This is SO Anna Grace...peace!
We loved the ice cream at Bruisters.  They have really fun flavors like Chocolate Cake Batter....that's the flavor I had.  YUM!
We had to stop for souvenirs and this store is the most fun since you get to walk in through the scary shark mouth.
We also played miniature golf and rode go-carts while we were at the beach, but unfortunately I left my camera at the condo that night....boo!  Believe me, a good time was had by all!

Little Fish!

Lee and I really enjoy the beach, but the kids all agree that their favorite part of the vacation was the time spent at the pool.  Here are the little fish!
 Anna Grace doing "the pencil" into the pool.
Harrison's had swimming lessons, but liked being to follow his sisters all over the pool in his cool shark life jacket!
It was nearly 100 degrees outside, but they were dying to get in the hot tub.
Here's a view of the pool from our balcony.  So nice!
Goodness, I'm ready for another vacation!  :)

June 14, 2010

Crab Hunt

We took the kids to search for crabs one night.  Lee got the flashlight out and the search was on...they LOVED it!

    Here are two of the crabs they caught. 
One gave Lee a pretty good pinch and the kids thought it was hilarious. The crabs move super fast and the kids just giggle and cackle while they watch Lee go after them...such fun! The crabs spent one night with us and then we released them back into the ocean the next morning!

A Day at the Beach

The beach was beautiful and we all had a blast!  We played in the ocean, made sand castles and searched for shells.
ready for some fun!
in the surf
riding the waves
Sarah's seashells
taking a break
my favorite spot!  :)
Harrison buried my legs!
Such a beautiful day at the beach!

June 13, 2010

Harrison's First Trip to the Beach

All of the girls had been to the beach before so they were all pros, but this was a brand new experience for Harrison.  He loved every minute of it!  It was fun watching him experience the beach for the first time.
The shark!

Working on his sand castle...
and playing in the waves.
Such fun for Harrison!

A Great Vacation!

We were a little nervous about taking off on a trip to Orange Beach after watching all the media coverage on the oil spill.  Thankfully I visited some local websites and blogs that assured me that the beach was fine and that we wouldn't be wasting our time and money by traveling down.  The local folks were right....the beach was fabulous and we had a super vacation!

We stayed at Regency Isle this year and thought it was great!  My Aunt Karen knows the people who own Regency Isle 607 and recommended it to me.  Thanks Karen, it was my favorite condo yet!  If anyone is interested in a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo in Orange Beach I'd definitely suggest staying here.  The condo is beautifully decorated, has great pools and is right on the beach.  

We started the vacay off right with a trip to Lulu's for some food and fun!  Here I am posing with the kiddos.
The kids loved playing in the sand pile while we waited for our table.
Emma Taylor was our photographer for this last shot!
We had a great time at Lulu's and a delicious dinner too!  This is just the beginning of the fun...much more to post later!