Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 29, 2012

{ sports saturday! }

We started the day in Saltillo with Harrison's Upward Basketball game.

This face cracks me up!
He shot his first basket today.  Go Harrison!
 Another shot!

Me with my boy!
Such a fun way to start our morning!

After Harrison's game, Lee and I headed to Jackson for Sarah's cheer competition.  She did an awesome job too!
 Here are some fun action shots!

 These girls had so much fun performing!

Anna Grace is proud of her sister too!

Such a fun, BUSY, Saturday!

January 27, 2012

{ Lake Ouachita - July 2011 }

Our favorite part of the trip to Hot Springs was the day we spent on Lake Ouachita.  The kids absolutely LOVED it!  We rented a pontoon boat, packed our lunch and headed out onto the water for a day of fun.

I included lots of pictures...

For some reason, I thought Emma Taylor might not be interested in tubing, but she was the first volunteer.  She loved it!

Emma Taylor and Anna Grace on their first ride!

Next up, Harrison and Sarah. They gave it a big thumbs up too!

Time for a swim....the platform on the back of the boat was a great diving board!

The water was fantastic!
I even took a turn on the tube!
Lunch break!

After awhile, this guy was worn out and decided to take a break!

Anna Grace after a day at the lake!

January 26, 2012

{ Hot Springs Vacay - 2011 }

I'm just getting around to blogging about it (just 6 months late!), but we spent a week in Hot Springs, AR in July and had a ball!  We stayed in a condo on Lake Hamilton, which was beautiful.  It was on a quiet side of the lake, so we had lots of peace and quiet at night, but we were still close to all the action. Isn't this a pretty view?
When we got into town we were ready to see the sights, so we hopped on a duck.  The kids loved that this vehicle could go straight from the street into the water.
 We had a crazy tour guide that made it lots of fun too! 
The next day we spent some time sight seeing and shopping downtown.

The streets are so pretty.
I also love the bath houses.  The Buckstaff is my favorite...I'm a big fan of these striped awnings!
Playing in the warm water
 People were filling up jugs with the water...we just played in it!
One morning we spent some time at an alligator farm.  They had other fun animals to feed and pet too!  They liked the goats.

Here's the baby alligator!

We also stopped at a train shop, which Harrison loved!
This village was made totally out of junk....toothpicks, aluminum cans, etc.  It was really detailed and very interesting!

The girls were even entertained!
There's more fun to come...I'll finish up with the details of our vacation soon.  Our favorite part will be next...tubing on Lake Ouachita!  FUN!

January 22, 2012

{ GO MAGS! }

Sarah competed in the Delta Blues Challenge cheer competition in Tunica on Saturday, so we were all there to cheer her on!  She had a ball and we loved watching her compete!  She's a member of the MAGS (short for Magnolias!) squad through North Mississippi Cheer.

So excited!
sisterly support
Here's Sarah's squad cheering for the Mini Mags!
Now it's Sarah's turn.  They have a really fun routine!

this looks really tough!
love this!
Memaw and Sarah with her medal....I think we caught her mid cough!  :)

Memaw and Sarah celebrating....her quad earned 3rd place!  Woohoo!
Congrats, Sarah!  You did an awesome job!