Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 26, 2013

{ New Orleans Sunset }

Lee and I are headed out for our Western Caribbean cruise...here we are aboard the Carnival Elation.

Paradise awaits!  See you Thursday!  :)

{ popsicles }

These two have been on a popsicle kick lately!

Sweet, silly kiddos!

January 24, 2013

{ 4th grade reading fair }

These girls won 3rd place in the reading fair this week!  They were so proud of themselves and we were super proud of them too.  They chose The Giving Tree and did all the work themselves.

Good job girls!  :)

January 23, 2013

{ boys }

Harrison has been lucky enough to spend lots of time with Cameron lately!  He stayed with Granna and Papa D while we were at Sarah's cheer competition last weekend and then again on MLK Day.  Cameron was there both times!  Harrison took a picture of Cameron on his ipod and titled it....my best friend!  I don't think he even thinks about the fact that they're actually related too!

I love these pictures (lifted from Granna's blog) and hope these cousins are always the best of friends!

These pictures were taken one of those afternoons when they'd been playing football with Papa D.  

Mom said that Harrison and Cameron were talking about who could run the fastest.  Cameron said, "I can run faster than Papa D."  Harrison was clearly not impressed and told him, "Cameron, people in their 60s can't run very fast!"  Ha!  Sorry, Papa D, I think he just called you SLOW!  

January 22, 2013

{ first telescope }

Harrison got a telescope for Christmas.  We've been excited about using it, but we've had such horrible weather since Christmas that we just got around to trying it out!

The sky has been clear for the past several nights, so we've enjoyed seeing the moon and Jupiter.  Jupiter is really bright right now and easy to spot even without a telescope.

Lee knows how to find things for us to view.  Harrison and I just do the looking!  I think all the kids     will enjoy it as we learn more.  Fun!  :)

January 19, 2013

{ our cheerleader girl }

Sarah's cheer squad cheered at a competition in Tunica today.  They did awesome!  Her squad came in 2nd place.  Woohoo!

Here she is before the competition!

Getting some support from her biggest fan!

This is Sarah's second year to do competitive cheer and she LOVES it!  GO MAGS!

January 18, 2013

{ seven }

Yes, this boy is 7 years old today.  It's hard for me to believe, but he promises me it's true!  :)

Harrison is such a fun little 7 year old!  He loves school...he's a great reader and has neater handwriting than lots of adults!  When he's not at school, he spends most of his time riding his bike, playing with LEGOs, playing his DSi and hanging out with Knox.  He's all about football these days and would wear his Eli Manning jersey everyday if I'd let him.  Such a boy!

The girls started his day off right by singing happy birthday to him.  He blew out the candle in his cereal bowl and hopefully made a fantastic wish!

Harrison doesn't really like cupcakes and didn't feel like cookies, so he asked me to bring donuts to share with his class today.  I asked what kind and he told me he wanted "skin colored!"  :) So,  I stopped by Shipley's this morning to pick up glazed donuts.

He passed out birthday favors to his classmates and they all gobbled up their donuts!  

The teachers like the kids to eat snacks in the hallway, to help keep their classrooms clean.  Kinda strange, but the kids don't seem to mind and the floors look pretty clean!

 Me and my birthday boy!

After school, he got to open his birthday present, an iPod Touch!  It's what he asked for, so he was excited!

already playing games!
We're off to dinner with the family at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight.  We'll be celebrating again with his friends at his party on February 2nd.  Harrison, we love you and hope you have the best birthday ever!

January 7, 2013

{ Double Digits! }

Someone we know and love turns 10 today!

This girl! 

We celebrated yesterday with a family lunch at Logan's (Memaw, Granna, Papa D, Candace and Cora Beth joined us!) and then came home for cookie cake and ice cream.

Sarah and Daddy!
Looks like she's concentrating on her wish.

Cora Beth was the main entertainment.
Such a little sweetie!
Now for the presents!
Sister brought in some pretty serious cash for her birthday since she got most of what she wanted for Christmas a few weeks ago!

She also got a new LalaLoopsy doll and more LEGO Friends!

The family!

We had a great day celebrating with our girl!  Happy Birthday, Sarah!  We love you tons!  

January 1, 2013

{ Happy New Year! }

Wishing everyone health and happiness in the new year!

Let's make 2013 a year worth celebrating!