Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 31, 2013

{ 39 is fine! }

Seems fine with Lee anyway!  His birthday was on Easter this year.  Here he is with the kids after church.

Happy Birthday, Lee, we all love you!  

March 30, 2013

{ they're all about the eggs! }

The kids love the Easter tradition of dying eggs and truth be told, I do too!  I've loved it since I was a little girl, so we do it every year.  This year, Anna Grace was gone, but Cameron joined us, so we still had a big crowd.

Making their plans.

Looking good so far!
 Love these colors!
He is risen, indeed!
I love these little chicks...
and these little chicks!

 Such a fun afternoon with these kiddos.  More Easter fun to come!

March 28, 2013

{ hooverville and an egg hunt }

Emma Taylor's class was studying the Great Depression this week, so the students created their own Hooverville displays.  
Hers included a cardboard shelter, a fire to help keep the residents warm and a clothesline to hand up their clothes.  Pretty creative!
While I was helping out, Tillo the Tiger stopped by to see the students.
They asked for a crazy picture too.  I mean who doesn't want a picture full of duck faces and bunny ears, right??

While the 4th graders were hard at work, the 1st graders were hunting eggs.
Harrison got lots and was pretty happy about it.  Bring on the 4 day weekend!  :)

March 23, 2013

{ cheer }

Sarah had a cheer competition in Tupelo today, so we headed out to support our girl.  Her squad did a great job.  It's always so much fun watching them perform!

Cameron loved watching Sarah cheer!  He got a haircut this morning and had his hair gelled into a fauhawk. :)
Granna was happy to see Sarah cheer, too.  Sorry about the glare on the glasses...not sure how to get rid of it!  

Today was Cora Beth's first cheer competition.  It was a little loud for her, but she was happy to see her  cousins anyway!

Anna Grace getting some Cora Beth love!

We got to see Samantha too, but the picture I took of her with the girls was blurry.  Boo!  

And that's is for our Saturday!  Happy Weekend!  

March 21, 2013

{ cuteness fix! }

Here's a current picture of our sweet 4 month old niece, Cora Beth.  Isn't she adorable?  We sure think so!

Lee's cousin, Kathryn, started her own photography business a few years ago and she took this picture.  This is just one of the shots from the Easter session.  I can't wait to see the rest!  Kathryn is very creative and always has the cutest ideas.  It will be fun to see all of the pictures throughout the years.

So, there's your cuteness fix for today.  You're welcome!  :)

March 4, 2013

{ this weekend }

Here's the weekend in pictures...

We started off with Harrison ripping a big hole in his pants at school.  He hopped in the car and said, "I think I kinda got a hole in my pants today!"  ha!

We had to take Max back to the creek.  The kids loved having him, but he was acting a little lethargic so we let him go.  He hopped out of the cup and hid under a leaf!

 My chocolate chip cookie tasters!

Have you ever made your own donuts?  It was my first time.  We fried them up, then dunked them in cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!

Lee decided on a healthier omelette for breakfast.  

We did some art!

Played some games on the steps
 and had family game night at the kitchen table.

We also had snow on and off all day on Saturday, but I didn't take one picture of it!  It didn't stick and the kids were totally disappointed.  It's March, so I'm over the thought of snow or any more cold weather.  Bring on SPRING!

March 3, 2013

{ Spring Banner }

We have been a little stir crazy lately since it's too cold to spend much time outside, so today we decided to get crafty!

We painted coffee filters with watercolor paints and made a fun spring banner to liven up the breakfast area.  The kids loved this project!

Love these bright colors

and these too!

He opted to use crayons.  Writing words in watercolors can be frustrating...trust me! 

 She tried a folding technique.

Lee and I even got involved.  Lee folded his up and tried to get a uniform effect going throughout.  It was a great idea, but when all the colors meshed together it reminded me of the Easter egg that my dad made every year when I was a kid.  Much like mixing up all the egg dye at the end of the Easter egg dying session, Lee's filter turned brown!  He ended up adding coffee grounds for fun!
 Pretty, right?
We strung up the filters when they dried and made this fun banner.  It looks pretty when the sun is shining through!  Most of all, we all had fun making it!

March 1, 2013

{ She Chose Whitney Houston! }

Anna Grace had a fun project to do this week.  She and her classmates have been studying black history, so they had to choose someone to research and she picked Whitney Houston.

She did a great job on her project...
 and made it look cute too!

Whitney Houston lived a troubled life, but I always thought she was beautiful and loved her music.  She was really popular when Lee and I were about Anna Grace's age!  

Anna Grace was pretty pumped about school today.  She was having a party in one of her classes, so she was all smiles when she hopped out of the car this morning.  I wish I could have stayed for some rotel and sausage balls, but it probably would have been embarrassing since I was still in my pajamas!  :)

Happy Friday!