Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 31, 2012

{ Halloween Parties }

The kids had a short day today and spend the day Halloween partying!

We started with a breakfast party with Harrison's class.  We brought cinnamon rolls and treats for the class.  He's holding an owl treat that he's about to deliver to his teacher.

Room full of first graders!
 Mrs. Richardson has a really sweet class!
They dressed up several days this week and today was "Wear your class Color Day" so most of them are wearing green!
After partying with the 1st graders we went to pick Emma Taylor up from school  They had a party too, but it was much more laid back.  They were watching a movie and had just finished their snacks when we got there.
Now it's time to go home....and wait!  Trick-or-treating at Granna and Papa D's tonight!

{ It's all about the treats! }

Harrison is my guest blogger for a portion of this post.  He wants to share one of his favorite treats!

Here he is...my favorite first grader!

we mad treats for harrison's class.  they were good!  they were orange.  they have spreancls on thim.  it was made alt of marshmelos.

Harrison got tired of blogging quickly, but didn't get tired of eating these yummy marshmallow pops!  

These are good and super easy!  I saw these pops at my friend, Amanda's, Halloween party a few weekends ago and figured I could replicate them easily enough.  Here's the ingredient lineup...lollipop sticks, marshmallows, Wilton Candy Melts and sprinkles.  Easy peasy!

Pop a stick in a marshmallow, dip in melted candy and cover with sprinkles.  The hardest part is keeping the pops upright while they set.  I used some floral foam to hold the sticks while they set and it worked well.  Try them!

We loaded them in Halloween buckets and the kids happily took them to school to share with their friends!
See the Owl Treats?  The ones I said I wasn't making this year, since I've made them 3 years straight?
Well, some little 4th grader decided she "needed" them, so we made a few of those too.  They're easy, but time consuming.  But also really cute!  That's it for this year's Halloween treats!

October 29, 2012

{ Crazy Hair Harrison! }

Today was Crazy Hair Day at Harrison's school.  He had a mohawk, or actually a faux hawk, for Rock Star Day last year and loved it.  He couldn't wait to do it again!  This year he decided to at paint in his school colors!

Here's my boy with a blue and orange mohawk!

He was very specific about the color placement.  No color in the front and alternating color on the sides!
 The paint looked much brighter in person for some reason.
 Once we got the mohawk all gelled up, we realized just how long his hair had gotten!
And how he's scheduled for a haircut TOMORROW!  :0)

Such fun being a first grader!  :)

October 26, 2012

{ SES Career Day }

Saltillo Elementary had their annual Career Day on Friday.  Lots of parents come to the school and tell the kids about their jobs and the kids get to dress up like what they'd like to be when they grow up.

Our girls decided they'd like to be an Occupational Therapist and an attorney.  I think they look pretty cute!  

Last year Sarah was a vet and Emma Taylor was a teacher.  It's funny to see how their career tastes change while they're in elementary school!  

I remember looking at my old school book and seeing that I'd wanted to be a computer programmer - I think it was around 4th grade too - my how times have changed!  :)  I think the girls will get a kick out of seeing their interests change over the years too!

Hope everyone has a super weekend.  It will be a fun, busy one for us!  Cousin birthday party Saturday and Candace's baby shower  and family pics on Sunday.  Plus Ole Miss and State have games on Saturday.  We need to beat Arkansas AND Alabama!  :)

October 22, 2012

{ Smith Halloween Party }

Lee and I went to the annual Smith Halloween party Saturday night and had a ball!  We've always had conflicts in the past, so this was the first year we were able to make it to the Halloween party.  It was definitely a fun time!

T-Bird and Pink Lady!  Enjoy the wonderful iPhone quality pics!
We were cracking ourselves up...especially with the hair!  Lee used tons of gel and I actually curled my bangs!  

We know we look ridiculous....these pictures are strictly for entertainment value.  The kids will get a kick out of these one day!  

Check out these pleather pants and the faux ponytail!  :o)
My T-Bird!

 We had a great time with Pam and Kirk!

Amanda and Kent always have the best parties!  The Spunk Monkees played again this year, which was awesome!  Kent and Amanda dressed up as The Village People.  I guess the rest of their crew was outside dancing.  Poor Janet Jackson was on crutches!
Finally a picture taken with a real camera!  

We all had a great time.  Pam and I were pretty impressed with ourselves....we didn't even leave the party until after midnight.  Ha! 

October 20, 2012

{ Holley Farms Field Trip }

Harrison's class went to Holley Farms for their fall field trip on Wednesday.  I love this field trip!  I look forward to it every year, but first grade is the last year they'll go, so I knew I had to make the most of it!

***Warning - picture overload on this post!  :)

We had gorgeous weather!  72 and sunny is my kind of pumpkin patch weather!

 picking out pumpkins
 Harrison and his friend Jude
I loved this one, but he thought is was gross!
 Classmates in their field trip shirts.
 Learning all about corn!
 Playing in the corn pit.  The kids LOVED this part!
 Riding on the barrel train.  Yes, my child is backwards!
I got to ride on the front of the train and take pics!
Big slide!
 You slide, then have to pull yourself back up.  They got a workout!
 Then you celebrate making it back up by ringing the bell!
 Tube swing.  I think Holley Farms has thought of every fun way possible to use a tube!
 Duck Races
 Fun stuff!
 Getting ready to jump....before I caught him!
 The big tube slide is fast!
 The kids are having a ball!
Tube races!  Harrison's inside the tube!
 Rope swing
Me and my boy!
We had such a fun day.  I'm enjoying every minute since it won't be forever that bringing your mom on a field trip will be cool.  :)

October 17, 2012

{ Happy Pumpkins }

Here are the final creations!  The kids loved painting their pumpkins and I love seeing their personalities shine through!

Now I'm off to the Pumpkin Patch with my 1st grader.  Harrison's so excited!  And I'm excited that he's excited.  I have my camera packed and ready to go!  :)

October 14, 2012

{ time to tailgate! }

Ole Miss played Auburn yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect, so we joined the Shannons in Oxford for the day.  Such a great day to be tailgating!

The kids always have so much fun!
Emma Taylor even drug her cheerleader outfit out for the occasion!

We were just on the edge of the grove, so there were plenty of trees to climb.  Emma Taylor, Harrison, Quinn and Sarah are checking it out!

 lots to explore
 time to relax

 games to play with Quinn and Landon
 did I mention trees to climb?
 Sarah has mad climbing skills!
Check this out...
can you see her in the tree....here's a closeup!  :)
 frisbee time for the boys

 games to play

 Harrison and Paslay...H loves Paslay!  He's a 6th grader, so Harrison thinks he's awesome!
 big crowd filing out after the game
 The girls had their picture taken with a "real" Ole Miss cheerleader!

Thankfully the Rebels beat Auburn, so it was a great day for everyone....at our tailgate spot anyway!

Here's part of the gang headed home.  Harrison and Quinn never ran out of energy, they ran most of the way.

We grabbed dinner on the way home, I changed into my MSU sweatshirt {:)} and then we stopped off at Jay and Belle's to watch the first half of the state game.  We had to finish the rest at home since it was after everyone's bedtime...including mine!  The Bulldogs finally pulled out a win against Tennessee.  Yay!  Happy weekend at our house!