Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 31, 2013

{ Alaska - Home of the Moose Poop Earrings }

Granna and Papa D are away on their Alaskan cruise.
They sent the kids a note that made us all laugh, especially the girls!

Someone told Granna that they had moose poop earrings for sale in Alaska and asked the girls if they'd like a pair (kidding of course).  I honestly hope we don't end up with 3 pairs of those beauties.  Ha!

Happy final day of July!  We're hoping we get calls from teachers today.  The kids are dying to know who's teaching them this year...and which friends are in their classes.  School starts one week from today!

July 29, 2013

{ monopoly night }

During dinner last night, Harrison asked if we could have family game night.  The kids LOVE it when we do it, so we cleared off the table and started a long game of Monopoly.
Harrison and I were on a team and the others all played on their own.

 Sarah thinks it's hilarious when Emma Taylor lands on her property and has to pay!

Now Sarah's a little ticked because things aren't going so well for her.
 Wheelin' and dealin'!
We have some houses and hotels in place, so this board is getting expensive.  Everyone gets nervous as they make it through the "rich neighborhood!"
 Harrison says he's a billionaire!
 Goofy girls!
Harrison and I were looking good until Anna Grace  and Lee put hotels on their properties, then we quickly went belly up!
 Somebody's excited!
Emma Taylor and Sarah went bankrupt.  Emma Taylor joined Anna Grace's team and Sarah joined Lee.
 Emma Taylor ran out of money, so now she's asking for donations in her hat!
 I thought AG was the winner.  This was her winner face.  :)
But then Sarah and Lee won it all.  AG said I jinxed her since I took the "winner" picture early.  Uh oh!

We loved spending the evening playing together!

This is our last full week of summer.  We've gotta make it count!  :)

July 26, 2013

{ marker makers }

Emma Taylor saw a commercial for a Crayola Marker Maker and decided she needed to spend some of her birthday money to buy one.  She and Harrison couldn't wait to get home from Walmart to start making their very own markers.

I was so proud of Emma Taylor for letting Harrison help make markers, without  even a suggestion from me!

 I had the kids wear old shirts in case this project was messy.  Harrison doesn't normally wear this "beary special" shirt from the surgery center except for sleeping!  :)

 Trying out the new markers.  Pretty cool!
 They named one after me!  How thoughtful!
 These are the markers they've made so far.

A great way to spend one of the last afternoons of summer!

July 25, 2013

{ Mississippi State Baseball Camp! }

Harrison had the opportunity to go to MSU Baseball Camp this week.  He was pretty excited.  It was an especially fun treat since the Bulldogs went to the College World Series just a few weeks ago!  They had camp in the Palmeiro Center and spent time at Dudy Noble Field, too.  Pretty cool!

Harrison was able to meet Coach Cohen, who gave them a pep-talk every morning! 
Harrison was on Squad 3 that consisted of 9 other boys.  They played actual games against other squads, which was fun.  They also did catching drills, batting drills and practiced pitching and sliding into base (on a Slip n Slide!).  He thought it was fantastic!

Emma Taylor thought it was pretty cool too.  While Harrison was busy practicing, she was able to get a quick picture taken with Wes Rea, our favorite first baseman!
We loved watching him play in the College World Series.  Emma Taylor said he was nice too!

Fun times!

July 22, 2013

{ a grand weekend! }

We had a jam packed weekend and loved every minute of it!

We stopped over to see Granna and Papa D on Saturday morning.  We wanted to visit them before they left for their cruise to Alaska!  Since they won't be home until after the kids start school, they gave them their back to school treats...cute beach towels!

Granna always makes cute tags for their gifts!  The towels were really cute too and will help them "soak up" the last weeks of summer.  Ha!
After we visited awhile, we headed to Johnnie's for lunch.  The kids like to sit in the Elvis Booth!
 They also like to pose with the Elvis guitar.  We looked like tourists!
Later in the afternoon we headed home to get ready for Ashlea & Chad Brown's wedding reception.  I snapped this picture just before the golf cart came to pick us up!
Don't they look cute?  :)

Our friends, Jay and Belle, definitely know how to throw a party.  Their backyard was decorated beautifully by Mac & Company (aka our friends, Mark and Ron!).  They have a gorgeous back yard every day, but it was transformed for the wedding into something out of a fairytale.  Sadly, I didn't get many pictures because it got dark quickly and my phone doesn't take good pics in the dark!

Here's the cute kids area.  They had arts and crafts for the kids to do and kid friendly food.  Our kids filled up on chicken nuggets and cheese puffs!

The Spunk Monkees played all our favorite songs from the 80s and 90s!  The girls danced and ran around all night.  Lee and I even danced!  Harrison hung out with Quinn and that didn't involve dancing. :)

Such a pretty couple!  The photographer took this picture when they pretended to leave.  So cute!
Our kids loved the sparklers.

The reception ended with a pool full of people.  
The kids thought it was great.  They all did jumps and flips off the diving board. In their clothes.  We didn't get home until 1am.  Mercy!

Sunday we had a cookout at Memaw's house where we got to see this sweet girl!  Hard to believe Cora Beth is already 8 months old.

The kids got in the pool with Cora Beth for the very first time and she did NOT like it!  Since she loves baths, I think the water must have been too cool for her.  She was pitiful!

She was sad, but she still looked cute in her swimsuit!
Candace brought bubbles.

 The girls finally had enough and Harrison had the pool to himself!
Cora Beth is scooting around these days and loves to stand up. 
 She loves it when Lee pokes his lip out for her.
Here she is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Candace told us she stops in her tracks when the theme song comes on TV, so she showed us.  She turned it on her phone and CB turned completely around and took the phone.  So funny!
 Lazy bones!
 They made homemade popsicles, but the homemade ice cream was WAY better!
Who can resist a ruffle booty!

A super weekend, indeed!