Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 30, 2009

Do I look like a grown up?

When we got home tonight Emma Taylor asked if she could wear some of my shoes for fun. The next thing I know, she's all decked out in hot pink heels, my bright patent leather bag and the ipod. She came into the living room and said, "Do I look like a grown up now?" All I could do is laugh...and snap a picture! I hope she listened when I told her it's MUCH more fun being a little girl!

On another note, it's warmed up a bit so we're finally getting to wear some new spring clothes this week. Emma Taylor informed me this morning that she didn't like the outfit I'd picked out (and ironed!) because the pants were blue. She also said she was sure that her teacher, Ms. Carruth, wouldn't like the outfit either. She said, "What if Ms. Carruth doesn't like my pants, do I still have to wear them all day?" I told her that if Ms. Carruth didn't like her pants she could call me and I'd bring some new ones...of course I was sure that her sweet kindergarten teacher wouldn't tell her she was wearing "ugly" pants! I picked her up this afternoon she was quick to say, "Mommy, Ms Carruth DID like my pants and I like them now too!" Emma Taylor sure has kept me laughing today!


Heather said...

cute!!! she sure is precious!! i can't wait to see pics from her play. i know she's singing beautifully!!

Granna said...

She looks way too grown up!! So cute though!