Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 22, 2010

Slurpin' Soup

My kids are lucky to have gourmet meals prepared for them every night.  Ha!  We all know even if I DID, they'd never eat them, so we stick with simple stuff.  Tonight was "finish the leftovers" night for me and Lee, so the kids got soup and grilled cheese which is actually their favorite!

Emma Taylor actually dances!
and gives me a big thumbs up!
And since she's happy, Harrison decides to pout!
No way could we all be happy at the same time! 


Granna said...

If you gave him all the treats he wanted like I do, there would be no pouting! Cute pictures! You got your cooking skills from me!

Amy N said...

Are those bowls with straws in them?? I've never seen them before. Might actually get my kids to eat soup if they had those!!!

heather said...

Yes, the bowls have built in straws. The kids love them! I like them too because the straws are short enough that you can actually get them clean. I think I found those at Wal-mart.