Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 22, 2010

Last Day of School

Yesterday was Emma Taylor's last day of school....her last day to be a 1st grader.  While it's exciting for her, it's a little bittersweet for me when I realize just how fast she's growing up.  She's had a fun year being in Ms. Sandy Smith's class!
1st grade was a BIG change from kindergarten, but Emma Taylor has learned and grown alot over the past year.  Now she's officially a 2nd grader!

Sarah is a big 2nd grader now too, but missed the last day of school.  She had her tonsils taken out yesterday and the surgery went just as planned....thank goodness!  Lee talked to her last night and she said she was already enjoying ice cream and popsicles.  :)

Anna Grace is officially our big 5th grader and is pretty excited about changing classes next year.  She's worked really hard in 4th grade and made the All A honor roll all year.  Here she is before her last day of 4th grade!

Harrison moves up to his Pre-K 4 class on June 1st.  Thankfully he has one more year of preschool before starting kindergarten...I'm not ready to send my last baby to "big school" yet!


Amy N said...

I'm sure the kids are already enjoying their summer! Can't wait to see pictures of Emma Taylor's recital!! Wish her the best of luck from us!

Granna said...

They are all growing up entirely too fast!! Stop them, please!