Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 28, 2010

Halloween Week - Part 1

This week is Red Ribbon week at school, so Emma Taylor has had some spirit days to celebrate.  Tuesday the kids had to wear their favorite team outfit and yesterday the kids dressed as their favorite character....a good excuse to wear cute Halloween costumes.

Clearly a cheerleading outfit in maroon would be the "favorite" team , but we don't spend enough time in Starkville to own one of those!  Anyway, here's my cute cheerleader...such a Rebel!  :o)
Here she is dressed as Dorothy.  Emma Taylor has been a huge fan of Dorothy and all things Wizard of Oz since we saw the musical last winter with Granna. 
Lovin' the ruby slippers! 
 A big thanks to Heather and Sara Frances for letting us borrow this fun costume! 
We sent Owl Treats to share with Emma Taylor's class today. 
I got this cute idea from Amy last Halloween.  I thought they were so fun that I hopped on the Southern Living website for the instructions and whipped some up with my girl.  They're easy to make...no cooking involved...but messy and little time consuming.  They're worth the effort though, so we'll definitely make these
again soon!
Here are the little owls all ready for school this morning.  I hope Mrs. Crawford's class loves them!


Anonymous said...

Emma Taylor looks so cute in her Dorothy costume! I'm not so sure about the cheerleading outfit! Emma Taylor looks cute in anything though! I love those Moon Pie owls and I'm sure her class will enjoy them. What a fun week ET has had! Love, Granna

Heather said...

I'm so glad she's enjoying the Dorothy outfit. She sure does look pretty in it!!!!
I'm loving the owls!!!!! I want to make those...maybe next year. :)

Trisha said...

Cute owls...Cute Emma Taylor!

Amy N said...

By the time this week is over I'll have made 40 of those owls, but everyone loves them so much. Emma Taylor is an adorable cheerleader - whatever team she's cheering for!

heather said...
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heather said...

I know, Amy, those owls are a huge hit! I'm so glad you turned me on to those. They'll be on my permanent Halloween treat list for sure!