Fall 2013

Fall 2013

November 17, 2011

bright star

Harrison's class had their Thanksgiving Feast in the cafeteria today.

Here is Indian "Bright Star!"
They made necklaces and feathered headbands to wear at the feast!
Harrison is the "door holder" this week.  It's not his favorite job because he's the last child to join the group when they head to recess or other activities. Here he is is taking care of business while his class heads into the library!

The teachers at Saltillo Primary were treated to lunch by the PTO today too, so I helped watch his class while his teachers ate in peace for a change.  I hope they enjoy their week off for Thanksgiving break....they certainly deserve it!


Granna said...

What a cute little Indian! Sounds like the kids had a fun week celebrating Thanksgiving at school!

Amy N said...

Hanna's school didn't do a Thanksgiving feast this year - and I missed it! It was a great opportunity to bring the boys into school and eat with her! Glad Harrison had such a great time!!