Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 13, 2012

{ palate expander }

Emma Taylor's going to need braces and Dr. Hodges is getting her teeth prepared.  She has a crossbite, so to fix that problem she's going to wear a palate expander on her top teeth.  This will expand the palate and make her teeth line up better.

Here she is before the expander...
 Here she is after....
she had a tough time eating the first day, but could easily lick frosting!  :)  

This picture may be more than anyone wants to see, but Emma Taylor thinks it's pretty cool.    

We have to insert a key into the tiny hole in the expander and turn it once every day.  We aren't sure how long she'll have to wear it, but we'll be back at the orthodontist in a month to check the progress.  

Eating and talking has become lots easier since last Thursday! We're so proud of how she's handling it.  Such a big girl!


Trisha said...

Oh my...that looks like torture! Amazing what braces can do! Good job ET!

Granna said...

It does look very uncomfortable, but she's doing so well with it. I'm so proud of here!

Memaw said...

Looks uncomfortable but I know you will do good! Love You