Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 7, 2012

{ puppy love }

All the kids like Knox, but Emma Taylor is especially smitten with him. 

When I have get get onto him about pottying in the house she gets so angry!  One afternoon she was doing homework in the kitchen and when I swatted him she packed up her books and headed into the dining room declaring that she was "On Team Knox!"  Ha! 

She carries him around like a baby and lets him "kiss" her on the lips (Those of you who know me well realize that this is very hard for me to watch!).  Funny girl!

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PMc said...

How old is Knox? We're getting our first dog, my boys are 9 and 7. We've been discussing dogs for a while now....we started out wanting a big, outside dog. Then I thought I wanted a little lap dog and now we are thinking about a Jack Russell. What's your opinion?