Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 30, 2012

{ Harrison's yard sale }

Harrison has seen me getting ready for a yard sale over the past few weeks and decided he'd have one of his own on Sunday.  He packed up some things he wanted to get rid of and headed down to the curb to see what he could sell.

He sat outside for awhile, without any customers, until I finally went outside.  I said, "Little boy, are you having a yard sale,"  He said, "Yeah, keep acting like I'm a stranger!" ha!  I told him I had a little boy who would love the football he had for sale.  He told me it was $5, so he made a quick 5 bucks.  He stayed outside until time for dinner.  :)

He had some merchandise and his money bag all ready to go....without any help!  Little entrepreneur!  :)

He was pretty happy about his $5....and he got to keep his football!  :o)

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