Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 21, 2012

{ Harrison - the special person of the day }

Harrison's Tiger Time teacher (reading/language arts teacher, for those of you not in Saltillo!) does fun things in her class.  Harrison thinks so anyway!  Each day a different student is chosen to be the "special person" for the day.  The most recent SP activity involved preparing a circle map with information about Harrison and then the students used the circle map to write notes about him that they used to make a "quilt."  Sorry for all the quotation marks!  :)

Here's Harrison with this circle map.  Are your kids using circle maps for learning these days?

I just noticed the vacuum in the background....please ignore! :)

Here he is with his quilt.  It's basically index cards taped to colored paper, but sounds more special when you call it your quilt!
Now for the cute/funny part.  The kids wrote, and some even illustrated, things about Harrison.  Keep in mind, this wasn't graded for spelling!
Harrison is quiet.  He is always listening.  (ha!)

Harrison is fast.  He runs fast because God made him like that.

Harrison is kind.  He always helps me when I need his help.  
I think he and Kennedy were helping each other too much...they have since been separated!  :)

Harrison is a good listener.  He knows everything.  

Harrison is funny.  He always makes people laugh.
Harrison is fast.  He can run fast.  

So sweet!  I love first grade class work.  H was pretty proud of all the compliments too!  He especially likes hearing that he "runs fast!"  Such a boy!  

Happy Weekend, all! 


Amy N said...

What a cute idea!! Love things teachers do in the classroom that make our kids feel great about themselves!!

Granna said...

I love his quilt and all those things they said about Harrison are true! Love that kid!