Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 13, 2013

{ a Happy Mother's Day! }

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  

Harrison still makes gifts at school!  :)
I love this sweet picture.  He makes my heart smile too!
 The girls are too old to make gifts at school, so they made cards and wrote sweet notes.

Lee, the kids and I met his mom for lunch and all the restaurants were crazy busy, go figure!  We ended up having lunch on the old courthouse lawn at Gumtree Festival, which was really fun!  I love festival food...gyros, fried okra and sweet lemonade for me!  The kids also got to make a craft and we looked at the booths.  The weather was gorgeous, so we really enjoyed being outside!  The camera, and my phone, remained in the car, so no pics.  :(

We relaxed for the better part of the afternoon then went to Granna and Papa D's house to celebrate Mother's Day.  We ordered pizza and had coke and root beer floats for dessert!

Ben, Lori, Lee and I gave mom a bike for her retirement and Mother's Day present.  She was pretty happy about it!  Dad got one too!

Sam and Josh loved riding Granna's bike, but they didn't want their pictures taken.  Apparently it's not cool to ride a hot pink bike with a basket!  :)
 Cam didn't mind though.
Ben and "Bones," as he calls her.
our mom
These two call me mommy!

Being a mom is such a blessing!  I hope everyone enjoyed their day!

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Granna said...

I love the Mother's Day cards and pix of Harrison! Sweet! It was a perfect Mother's Day!