Fall 2013

Fall 2013

November 19, 2013

{ Mooseltoe! }

Harrison's school hosted a reading fair this week.  For those unfamiliar with a reading fair, it's an art project involving a book chosen by the student.  A trifold board is decorated to go along with the theme of the book, which includes elements about the story (problem, solution, mood or tone of the book, etc.)  The storyboard is then submitted for judging and the students are asked questions about their books.  This is totally not Harrison's thing (the presentation part), but his newsletter we received last week "strongly encouraged" students to participate.  I know what that means, so we got busy!

Harrison chose the book Mooseletoe, which was fun since it started getting us in the Christmas mood.    We chose to enter the "Family" category so Emma Taylor could help with the project too.  Harrison did all the writing, but Emma Taylor and I did most of the decorating.  It ended up being a lot of work, but lots of fun too!

We were excited to get the project turned in this morning.  Harrison said he "thinks" he got second place in the family category, but he's not positive.  Ha!  Isn't that just like a boy?  He doesn't care either way, he had fun!


Granna said...

You all did a GREAT job!!

Amy N said...

That looks awesome!! And he should WIN for BEST Handwriting!!