Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 8, 2014

{ The Lego Movie Party }

The Lego Movie started yesterday, which meant Harrison was ready to party!  He'd been waiting for weeks for the movie to come out so he could celebrate his 8th birthday with his friends.

Here are the crazy boys at the theater.  They absolutely loved the movie!  I can't say I shared their love of the movie, but if you're an 8 year old boy it's not one to be missed!  :)

Luke, Connor, Harrison and Cameron
 Playing some games.

 Granna snapped this one without Quinn knowing!  Sneaky!
 Silly girl getting in on the birthday fun.  Harrison is nice and lets her come too.  :)

After the movie, we headed back to our house for pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. It was wild, but the boys had lots of fun.  Harrison thought it was the perfect party!

 Time to open presents!

He thought it was a perfect party.  He loves a low key get together with his best buds and that's exactly what he got.  Fun times for this sweet boy!  

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Amy N said...

Perfect way to celebrate H's birthday!!!