Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 7, 2014

{ Back to Class! }

I can't believe it, but the kids started school today.  It's even harder to believe that we have a 3rd grader, two middle schoolers and a high schooler!  Yes, high school!  Everyone started a new school, but came home happy, so that's such a relief!

These two got up and ready without any problems this morning.  I was afraid they'd be super tired, but the day started off well.

Here are the annual backpack shots, too.  :)

Since Emma Taylor was headed to the middle school, and it isn't cool to have your parents walk you to class, she wanted to go with a friend.  We met her friend, Mia and her sweet momma, in town and she rode with her.  Love the smiles!
Harrison let me walk him to class, but said a picture with his teachers would be way too embarrassing.  I was able to snap these when we got on campus.  

Anna Grace and Sarah were at their mom's house this morning, but they sent me some darling pictures.  First up, is Sarah all ready for her first day of middle school. 
Anna Grace wanted to go to her first day of high school with a friend, too.  Here she is with her sweet friend, Lilli.  They look great for their first day of high school.  
Everyone came home with lots of fun stories to tell and most importantly, everyone came home happy about school.  :)  

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