Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 19, 2015

{ Celebrating 9 - Mexican Style! }

Harrison chose to have his birthday lunch at Don Julio this year.  In addition to the six of us, Granna, Papa D, Memaw, Ben, Cameron, Candace and Cora Beth joined us.

 A bunch of Harrison boys!

Harrison really wanted his lunch at the mexican restaurant because after the waiters sing to you they smash a pie in your face.

 He didn't want the pie in his face though.  He wanted the pie in Sarah and Emma Taylor's faces!  They were good sports and loved it!

 The boys loved wearing the straw hat.  

 Sweet Cora Beth!
 Pics with Papa D.

I hope Harrison enjoyed his birthday lunch as much as we did.  Nine was a birthday well celebrated!

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