Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 29, 2009

Meet Taylor Beth...

Emma Taylor has been dying for a new American Girl doll for awhile...a big one! She still loves her Bitty Babies, but wanted the doll like "big girls" have. She decided she wanted a "just like me" doll which means you can choose features to make the doll look like you. Turns out she didn't want one that actually looked like her (I think it looks like Sarah!) but she's super cute. Here's a picture of Emma Taylor with her doll, Taylor Beth, who she got for her birthday!

I included the second picture so you could see her cute shirt. Sara Frances and Meri Alan gave Emma Taylor this precious shirt for her birthday. Thanks girls! Emma Taylor LOVES it!


Heather said...

Taylor Beth is such a beautiful doll!!!
We're tickled she likes her t-shirt.
So glad ETB has had a great birthday. 6 seems so old!!

Granna said...

Precious doll and the shirt is so cute!