Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 4, 2010

Independence Day!

We had another great time this year at Bonnie and Harold's annual 4th of July bash.  We ate lots of fabulous food, played in the water and just enjoyed hanging out. 
Beautiful backyard!
Ann and Candace
Fay and Can
Ben and Lee...with the infamous ice cream!
Ann and Linda
Kirby...the most fun he's had in years!
Anna Grace, Sarah and Makenzie loving the squirt guns!
Brantley and Cameron have much smaller versions!
Uncle Harold is the biggest kid of all, but Brantley and Braylen are loving the pool too!
Taking an ice cream break!
Cameron and me...getting some hugs in when I can!
I thought I'd taken more pictures, but unfortunately I didn't end up with pic of everyone.  The whole family was there and we all had a blast.  Thanks, Bonnie and Harold!  We had a fabulous 4th!


Granna said...

Looks like another fun 4th! So nice of them to invite Ben and Cameron too.

Heather said...

FUN!!!!!! Wonderful pictures. Happy fourth to all of you.