Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 21, 2010

no pictures....boo!

I left my camera charger at the condo when we went to the beach.  I didn't ever get around to ordering a new one until the camera finally died.  Unfortunately, I've not been able to take pictures for quite awhile now and it just feels...weird.  The new charger arrived today...conveniently when there are no little children around to photograph.  :-(  I'm so ready for all the kiddos to come home so I can make up for lost time and fill up my memory card with sweet smiles.

Camera or no camera, we've still been busy.  The kids go back to school in two weeks....that's right....two weeks from tomorrow we will have a 5th grader and two 2nd graders.  The summer has flown by!  I think the girls are ready to go back to school, but the mommy and the daddy aren't necessarily ready to tackle the nightly homework.  Ready or not....here it comes!  We've bought school supplies and happies for teachers, had backbacks monogrammed and located lunchboxes.  I've ironed countless outfits and just about have everything ready for these kiddos to start school.  Wheew...I'm tired already!

Harrison starts his new preschool on August 9th, so he's moving on to bigger and better things too.  He'll be at Safe Haven preschool this year and will be getting prepared to start kindergarten next fall.  We're excited about his new school and can't wait to see what fun things he'll be learning this year!

I guess that's it for now....it's just not the same without the pictures, but I'll add more soon.  Happy Wednesday! 

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Granna said...

The summer has gone by so quickly. I'm excited for the kids!