Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 3, 2010

Summer's over....

and I'm a little sad.  It really seemed too short this time around.  Well, ready or not, it's time for school to start on Thursday.  The kids all seem ready, especially after meeting their teachers and finding out who their new classmates will be!  Emma Taylor has Mrs. Crawford, Sarah has Mrs. Bryson and Anna Grace has Mr. Marlar.  We're planning on a great year!

Treats for the teacher...
Emma Taylor calling Granna to tell her about her teacher.
Eating a delicious lunch at McDonalds after meeting Mrs. Crawford.
The face I get when she's tired of posing for pictures!
School is more fun with cute backpacks!
Be back with another school report on Thursday.  :)


Granna said...

It's been such a short summer and I can't believe she's starting school tomorrow as a big second grader! That teacher is one lucky woman to have her in her class and who has such a thoughtful mommy! Even her "tired of pictures" picture is cute!! Hope she has a great first day!

Heather said...

What lucky teachers they have!
They are precious and I know they will have a great year at school. My house is empty today. Can't believe summer is over...