Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 14, 2011

balemtimes day

The kids have had lots of fun this Valentine's Day.  Emma Taylor and Sarah had their parties on Friday and Harrison had his today so the fun and sugar high have been going on for days!  Anna Grace told the girls they better enjoy it this year because they won't have parties next year when they're at Saltillo Elementary. :(  They definitely made the most of it!
They came home with bags of cards and treats and told me about all the yummy sweets they enjoyed during the party.  We sent some cookie pops again this year, but tried the white chocolate instead.  Yummy!
Here's Harrison on the way to school this morning.  He's ready to party!
He's taking cookie pops for his friends, too.  This is the first year he's really understood "Balemtime's" Day.  He loved every minute of it.  Including the chocolate....seems there's some left on his mouth!
The kids have also enjoyed getting new clothes, money and gift cards from Memaw, Granna, Papa D and us. 

I hope everyone enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day!

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Granna said...

Looks like they all had a sweet day!