Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 10, 2011

snow day

The kids were out of school AGAIN today due to snow.  The kids are just as tired of the snow as the adults are - none of them even asked to go out and play in it!  We're all so ready for spring and we're all just a little stir crazy over here.

By lunchtime the roads were pretty clear, so we decided to take a trip to Build-a-Bear to spend the gift cards the kids got for Christmas.  They thought it was a great way to spend their snow day!

The whole gang.  I love to see what they pick...each choosing something different!
Harrison with his bear, Camo.  He's all dressed up and ready for some football.  He has a cute helmet upstairs, too.
Sarah with her new bunny, Lucy.  She's all dressed up for Valentine's Day.  Love the heart headband!
 Emma Taylor with her kitty, Lulu.  She's dressed for Valentine's Day too.  She's wearing a skirt and a sparkly shirt, so she must have some fancy plans!
Anna Grace with her new bear, Lilly.  Looks like she's ready for a formal event, shiny shoes and all!
Build-a-Bear was fun, but we're headed back to the real world of school and work tomorrow.  I'm glad!


Granna said...

Love their choices! Very cute!

Amy N said...

Love the Camo Bear - my boys would love that too!!

Memaw said...

All so CUTE!!