Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 9, 2011

busy saturday!

We are loving the great weather these days and are taking every opportunity to spend some time outside.  Saturday was beautiful and we soaked it up!

Harrison and I started with a play date at the park with his friend from school, Kaden.

We met Kaden and his mom at the park and played and visited for 2 hours.  The boys really weren't ready to go when the 2 hours were over, but Harrison had additional plans for the afternoon.
Sweet boys!

After the park we headed over to Clay Maynard's birthday party.  Robin had a huge inflatable slide in the back yard that the boys LOVED!  Clay wanted a football party, so all the boys came dressed in their favorite jerseys.  Harrison loved being surrounded by boys all day!  It was hard to get the boys to slow down long enough for a picture, but here's my boy in his maroon!

After the party, Ben and Cameron came over and joined us for dinner and then, the kids favorite - S'mores!  We recently got a new chiminea (or however you spell it!), so the kids had been dying to make a fire and roast marshmallows.  I personally think chocolate makes everything much, much better, so we made the S'mores!  Delish!

Getting ready to toast some marhmallows!


Cameron spent the night with us, so we got up and had pancakes....here are the little bedheads now.  They kept talking about how much fun they had last night.  I love that!
Such a fun weekend!

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