Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 20, 2011

soccer boy

Harrison scored his first goal at his soccer game tonight!  He loves to run and keep up with the ball, but normally doesn't take it from someone else.  Well tonight he stopped by my chair for a minute to grab a drink and I told him if he'd steal the ball from the other team I'd give him $5.  :)  His coach called him back into the game and he immediately ran up, stole the ball and kicked it right into the goal.  Woohoo!

He was SO proud of himself...just look at that face!

All he needed was a little encouragement, right?  Scoring the goal was a big confidence booster.  We stopped by the ATM on the way home and picked up his 5 bucks!  Ha!  :)

Thanks for the great idea, Robin!  :)

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