Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 22, 2012

{ GO MAGS! }

Sarah competed in the Delta Blues Challenge cheer competition in Tunica on Saturday, so we were all there to cheer her on!  She had a ball and we loved watching her compete!  She's a member of the MAGS (short for Magnolias!) squad through North Mississippi Cheer.

So excited!
sisterly support
Here's Sarah's squad cheering for the Mini Mags!
Now it's Sarah's turn.  They have a really fun routine!

this looks really tough!
love this!
Memaw and Sarah with her medal....I think we caught her mid cough!  :)

Memaw and Sarah celebrating....her quad earned 3rd place!  Woohoo!
Congrats, Sarah!  You did an awesome job!

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