Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 23, 2013

{ boys }

Harrison has been lucky enough to spend lots of time with Cameron lately!  He stayed with Granna and Papa D while we were at Sarah's cheer competition last weekend and then again on MLK Day.  Cameron was there both times!  Harrison took a picture of Cameron on his ipod and titled it....my best friend!  I don't think he even thinks about the fact that they're actually related too!

I love these pictures (lifted from Granna's blog) and hope these cousins are always the best of friends!

These pictures were taken one of those afternoons when they'd been playing football with Papa D.  

Mom said that Harrison and Cameron were talking about who could run the fastest.  Cameron said, "I can run faster than Papa D."  Harrison was clearly not impressed and told him, "Cameron, people in their 60s can't run very fast!"  Ha!  Sorry, Papa D, I think he just called you SLOW!  

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Granna said...

We had a great time with them!