Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 4, 2013

{ this weekend }

Here's the weekend in pictures...

We started off with Harrison ripping a big hole in his pants at school.  He hopped in the car and said, "I think I kinda got a hole in my pants today!"  ha!

We had to take Max back to the creek.  The kids loved having him, but he was acting a little lethargic so we let him go.  He hopped out of the cup and hid under a leaf!

 My chocolate chip cookie tasters!

Have you ever made your own donuts?  It was my first time.  We fried them up, then dunked them in cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!

Lee decided on a healthier omelette for breakfast.  

We did some art!

Played some games on the steps
 and had family game night at the kitchen table.

We also had snow on and off all day on Saturday, but I didn't take one picture of it!  It didn't stick and the kids were totally disappointed.  It's March, so I'm over the thought of snow or any more cold weather.  Bring on SPRING!

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Granna said...

Looks like a fun weekend for all! I do love your banner...very festive and springy! Sorry about Max, but I'm sure he's very happy!