Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 1, 2013

{ She Chose Whitney Houston! }

Anna Grace had a fun project to do this week.  She and her classmates have been studying black history, so they had to choose someone to research and she picked Whitney Houston.

She did a great job on her project...
 and made it look cute too!

Whitney Houston lived a troubled life, but I always thought she was beautiful and loved her music.  She was really popular when Lee and I were about Anna Grace's age!  

Anna Grace was pretty pumped about school today.  She was having a party in one of her classes, so she was all smiles when she hopped out of the car this morning.  I wish I could have stayed for some rotel and sausage balls, but it probably would have been embarrassing since I was still in my pajamas!  :)

Happy Friday!

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