Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 17, 2013

{ Instagram Overload }

We all seem to take more pictures with our phones these days than anything else.  Here are some of our recent Instagram shots.  Like the title says...overload, so beware.  :)

 spring mani
 Easter morning
 Uncle Lee and Cora Beth
 baseball boy
 more baseball while sis is in dance class
 Mexican with our fave neighbors!
 wish this really worked
 my new BFF
 sweet lunch date
 yummy new shoes!
 playing at the Shannons
5 more weeks
 sandal weather
 chocolate white chip cookies
 front yard baseball practice
 Sarah joining the fun
 cracking up in the car
 our american idol  :)
 sporty gals
 miss blue eyes
 bruised from ankles to knees
 successful hunt
 hip hop pics
live mannequins
 bedhead and LEGOs
 sweet weed bouquet
 artsy girls
more art
 hey batter batter
 most flexible human i know...yowza!
 TMNT have made a comeback
 lost another tooth 


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Granna said...

Love all the "catch up" posts!