Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 2, 2013

{ Easter at Memaw's }

The extended family got together for Easter at Ann's house.  We grilled burgers, enjoyed desserts (and even sang to the birthday boy) and had an indoor Easter Egg hunt due to the rain.  Looks like I only ended up with pictures of the kids.  Boo!

The camera didn't make it, so this is Easter, iPhone style!  
 Memaw and the main attraction, Cora Beth!  We all fought over her all day!  :)
 She is such a little sweetheart and just goes with the flow.  We can't get enough of Miss Cora Beth!
Emma Taylor and Makenzie checking out their treats.
Tired of pictures!
I think Sarah is pretty happy with her loot too!
We all  got a kick out of Brantley...he wore his goggles almost all day.  Ha!
Such a fun afternoon with our family!  

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