Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 5, 2013

{ Cheer Time! }

Emma Taylor decided she wanted to do Park and Recreation cheer this year.  Two of her friends from Class, Rachel and Mia, are on her squad.  They've been practicing for awhile and having a ball.

Today was the first game, so they finally got to show us their stuff!

Proud of my girl!
It was HOT out there today!

 Granna and Cameron

 Harrison and Cameron loved watching the game....for about 5 minutes.
Cheer huddle!
These girls had a great morning cheering for their team.  Fun!


Granna said...

She did a great job and looks adorable in her uniform!!

Elle Sees said...

so sweet!! i always wanted to cheer when i was younger! i did baton and flags instead. ;)