Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 31, 2013

{ Halloween }

The kids had fun making and sharing these little monster treats at school.

They are just Rice Krispies Treats (don't worry Dad, they were the store bought ones!) dipped in Wilton Candy melts and topped with sprinkles and monster eyes.  Easy!

 My sweet pumpkins before school!  Emma Taylor was dressed for "What Not To Wear" Day.  She was wearing as many patterns as possible.  So fun!

It rained absolutely all day long on Halloween. We planned to trick-o-treat, like usual, at Granna and Papa D's but didn't think we'd get to.  We planned to go over and eat anyway and hang out with them and Ben's family.  Mom made ziti, so we had a great dinner.

Emma Taylor and Harrison were the first trick-or-treaters!

By the time dinner was over the rain had stopped completely, so we decided to hop in the truck and trick-or treat.  The kids were so excited!  Lori and I rode in the back with the kids and Ben and Lee were in charge of driving us around.
Our friends, Bo and Heidi, met us a little later and hopped in the truck with us.  Their daughter, Lyla, was the cutest Little Mermaid ever! Heidi made the cutest costume for her, but she was tired of the tail by the time we were finished.  The kids got tons of loot!
We all love our Halloween tradition.  Such fun!

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